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Intuitive Message: The answer is to meet your light being guide.

I'm feeling someone... like they don't know how to make a difference in the world.  They feel like they are searching for some answer to some question that only Source can know the answer to.  It's not a good feeling.  It's the kind of feeling where one feels like they are lost in some way.  Like if they were on track then everything would be the opposite of how it is now in their life.   Whoever you are, my Divine Friend, this message is for you. First we need to take the part of us that thinks everything in our life is "wrong" and put that sub-personality into the light of our Source Self.  Let your Source Light dissolve the belief that everything is somehow not right.   Crystal Mandala Oracle, Ascension Oracle Cards, Ask Angels Oracle Cards, The Starseed Oracle The first card with Lady Nada and Rhodochrosite say that you are feeling the lose of connection with a very high light being guide. It could actually be Lady Nada herself or a guide that is similar t

Lets Be In The Flow Of Abundance

Ascension Oracle Cards Lets be in the flow of abundance together because we are not trying to go into 2020 broke.