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Oracle Reading for Love and Being Loved.

#AngelsandAncestorsOracleCards  #MagdaleneOracle You should know that you are lovable and you are loved but this Heart Guardian card would suggest that you can't feel the truth of it.  You know it but you can't feel it because you feel like you can't see it in your life.  Actually I should say that our egos are the ones who can see it.  Like when you get the message to notice the signs and you are like, "What signs?"  Cutting through the layers the block stems from not having the proof that you are loved and so maybe that means you aren't lovable.  Maybe that means you're doomed to never know what it feels like to be loved in a way where the feeling lasts forever.  This kind of love isn't of this world.  Even the highest of evolved enlightened people in this world have personalities that have flaws in them.  Even Jesus needed to get in a boat and row out to the middle of a lake where no one could get to him.  We have to understand that it is a sub-pers