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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Angel Power Wisdom Cards deck message: Forgiveness and Gratitude.

This deck is pretty amazing.  I like how the pictures are vertical and horizontal.  It's a great angel deck.

OK Forgiveness says, "Forgiveness is the first step in letting go of hurt and emotional pain; it heals only you."
There are some good symbols here: the angel is above the clouds so she can clearly see the full moon and the stars.  It makes me feel like emotional cleansing helps us to express and accept all our spectrum of feelings rather then try and only feel positive all the time.  The full moon would suggest that it is time to examine what the deeper pattern of a painful situation is.  For example, maybe the pain has to do with someone specific but deep down this person is really showing you that an old pattern of abandonment or victim-hood is still active in your vibration.

I think that is why the Gratitude card is coming up.  It says, "Pray for what you need, but be grateful for what you have already received."  To me this goes back to that spectrum of feelings.  You feel hurt, you feel angry, you feel grateful though for the good times and the chance to shift something inside of yourself.  You probably say things like, "I learned a lesson here and for that I am glad."

I feel like the angels are saying it is time to express rather then repress.  Hand it over to Source and if you get guidance to take some action steps then give it a try.  Ask your angels to heal the inner child pattern that this situation is connected to.  Children often feel punished when the adult is simply trying to guide them into a healthier lifestyle, like eating salads instead of cake.  Letting people do whatever they want isn't always the wisest thing nor does it co-create their highest good.  Boundaries seems to be a theme here.  It's possible this is a time to clear some co-dependent behavior.

In the end it's about letting go of those heavy emotions so that you can rise up and feel light hearted again.  Ask for what you need but be grateful for the lesson learned.

I really like this deck and I look forward to sharing it more with everyone in the future.
Jackie G 369