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Alice The Wonderland Oracle Card Message: Growing Up

  17.  Growing Up Wanting to grow in experience- Rejection of Perpetual Youth I can see why I pulled this card because I have recently self published my second oracle card deck.  My goal is to create about 10 decks by the end of the year.  When I published the first one, Ask Your Divine Self Oracle Cards, I could feel myself "growing up" or "leveling up" mentally.  I finally felt the difference between having a dream and living the reality.  I can feel the "professional" in me emerging and after 44 years I'm finally feeling like I'm leaving the "woman-child" zone.  Maybe I'm a late boomer but I feel like more of an adult now. If you've stumbled across this page then maybe this card is a message for you to acknowledge the part of you that wants to grow up gracefully.  These are the times when we start to pay more attention to how our age group should be dressing, handling money, and making peace with what has taken us off track.  M