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9/13/19 Flower Therapy Card: Chakra Clearing

OMG it's ironic how my personal truth is that there is no such thing as a blocked chakra and all of a sudden I'm doing chakra readings everyday.  Moving on... so for me right now, it's the full moon, and I've had sinus infections the last week which tells me that whatever energy I have been clearing from my vibration, it had to clear all the way down to my actual physical being.  So it's possible that you too are going through some rather intense "releasing" right now.  When it comes to clearing out it's best to just let it take it's course and then wait until the while "purification" is done before you try and figure out what the hell just happened. In my case, I had to miss appointments that were important and basically feel guilty because I couldn't make it.  My eyes were hurting and swelling though and for safety reasons I have to stay close to home.  Whatever level the clearing is happening for you will probably require