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9/13/19 Oracle Tarot: 6 of Swords and Cautious Progress

The main thing here is there is some mental peace for the moment.  This lightworker may even be using flower essences to calm and soothe her mind.  Normally this card shows a family moving forward together away from the old live.  So it could indicate that the guidance is to start looking for a new place to live, work, or go to school.  Since having to find a new place to be is stressful most people put it off until it becomes clear that they should start looking for something new.  It even can mean to start looking for a new relationship partner. This picture is different though.  It's just one person who is using the power of meditation to get centered and I feel like they are using the Serenity Prayer, "God grant me the power to change what I can and to let go of trying to change what I can't and the wisdom to know the difference." If you're a lightworker the guidance here is to get into your sacred space, get into your Vortex, slow down your mind