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4/4/19 Keepers of the Light Oracle Card Message for Air Signs: You Need Increased Awareness in order to move forward.

Keepers Of The Light Oracle Cards Angel Prayers Oracle Cards "Deep connection.  Trust your inner voice. Thank you Metatron for clearing my energy field. Thank you Angels for opening up the doors to change.  I am ready!" What I see is that you have Buddha guides coming to you giving you signs and feelings that you should make more time for daily meditation.  You have a hard time focusing, concentrating, and you have scattered energy.  The purpose for getting still and quiet everyday is so that angels like Metatron and Uriel can come into your vibration and clear out all the lower vibrations, other people's energy, and even clear out karmic energy so that you can breathe in peace. The main thing you need to understand is that you cannot move into the next phase of your growth until you have cleared out the old consciousness that you have out grown.  You need higher consciousness in order to move out of a stuck situation and meditation will allow Source