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4/2/19 Work Your Light Oracle Card For Earth Signs: Learn To Say No

Work Your Light Oracle Cards "If you weren't afraid, what would you do? Wait. Postpone. Pause. Say no." This is like Joan of Arc spirit guide energy.  You have the power to say No to some bullshit that is around you.  Literally you don't have time for it today. This is about admitting the truth to yourself first. It's possible you've been saying Yes to something even though in your Spirit you are saying NO.  How can this be?  It's like when you tell yourself that you aren't going to smile and tell the group, "I'll pay for it all today? :)"  You know that you do that.  You know that you over give.  No one may even be asking you for anything but someone in your orbit brings that side of you out consistently.  So the person you may have to say NO to is the part of you that gives yourself away which in turn makes it impossible to establish a healthy give/take dynamic. You will empower yourself by saying NO. Love Li