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4/17/19 Wisdom of the Oracle Message for Earth Signs: A Lot Is Happening On Your 5D Level

Wisdom of the Oracle Cards Point blank I see that you are going to be receiving a download from the 5D so you may find that your energy slows down a little bit.  If you are able to take a little nap or spend more time in meditation the download should go smooth. I also see that you are doing a lot of lightwork on the 5D right now so there is a lot of astral and subconscious healing and activation so in order to not get in the way of what is manifesting into your 3D world it is good to just lay low, let things play out until there is a conclusion...loose ends may start getting tied up on the emotional and mental level.  Again a lot of happening on the 5D level and ironically it will appear like not much is happening in your physical world. Just take it easy until the new energy starts to manifest and stay in the flow of knowing what what you have been focusing on is finding form in your world. Love Light Peace, Jackie G.