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3/26/19 Mermaid Tarot Message for Air Signs: Clear Your Energy And Your Space.

Mermaid Tarot, Work Your Light Oracle Cards "Boundaries:  Where do you need to establish better boundaries?" The thing I always notice about the word Boundaries is the word Aries inside of it.  Aries is the fire zodiac sign that is all about "I AM" and "These are my needs and how do I get my needs met?" OK so as I look at the set of three cards the oracle card stands out the most.  This card has to do with feeling drained.  Possibly you feel like there is a very draining person around you or in your work or home space and you are reaching a point where you know something that has to change.  I feel like you have tried taking the high road with this person, and it's possible that this person is going through some kind of heart break or something that is highly emotional, but you aren't trying to get burned out while being a good friend. The Hierophant card shows that you may have run out of ways to handle keeping boundaries and y