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3/25/19 Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck Message for Fire Signs: We give to receive.

Mystical Shaman Oracle Cards, Messages From The Guides Oracle Cards Basically it looks like your Higher Self is overtaking a long standing family "curse" around abundance in joy, love, wealth, success, and wellness.  You have recognized where personal self sabotaging stems from (maybe an abusive family member) and at the 5D level your Higher Self has been replacing that old imprint with a new thought, a new pattern, and a new inner power that stems from Source. The Abundance card shows that you understand that energy needs to flow like a circuit.  In the past you had energy that you gave out but the people didn't continue to flow that energy back to you.  Nevermind people though, because human beings will always make mistakes in the process of learning.  If you consciously use Source as that circuit you will always be in a loop of effortless energy coming back to you. Love Light Peace, Jackie G