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3/23/19 Lightworker Oracle Card Message for Air Signs: Keep The Vision Clear

Archangel Animal Oracle Cards, Messages from The Guides Oracle Cards "Be patient and focused." Water keeps energy clear and full of loving vibrations so Kingfisher as a guide is telling you that you need to be around the element of water more in order to keep your mind clear.  Kingfisher comes in with law of attraction type wisdom for how to go about getting what you want.  Basically this is about getting super clear on what you want and then waiting patiently for it to appear in your life.  Obviously you will get signs from the Universe as to how you can better adjust yourself to receive what you have asked for.  This seems to involve not judging how it shows up.  Keep the vision of what you want to experience fresh in your mind and use water as a way to keep your energy clear of doubt, stress, and worry.  You even can use aura sprays to spritz on you through the day. Love Light Peace, Jackie G