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3/22/19 Lightworker Oracle Card Messages for Water Signs: You're Changing For The Better

Archangel Animal Oracle Cards, Atlantis Cards "Live according to your Divine Essence." Snake vibration carries the energy of purity which is why it is such a powerful energy.  It brings the energy of warning you that not everyone is as they appear.  Some kind of transformation is in the air and someone you thought you knew well might unexpectedly show you another side of themselves.  Snake medicine brings protection from people who cannot be trusted fully. The Fun card is about scheduling leisure and rest into your life.  It's about recognizing that fun, when it is natural and pure, is a very high vibration that fills you with life force. These cards together tells me that you are transforming your beliefs around fun time.  Maybe in the past fun time was drinking alcohol, spending money on things that don't really give you anything back.  This could even be as simple as choosing to spend your grocery money on healthier organic foods and beverages r