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3/22/19 Lightworker Oracle Card Message for Air Signs: Reconstruct your energy boundaries.

Archangel Animal Oracle Cards, Atlantis Oracle Cards "Accept your magnificence." Tiger brings a high vibration of psychic awareness and being clear on what your boundaries are.  As a guide they help you to protect your energetic boundaries and use warnings that are heard (acknowledged) rather then letting something escalate into a full blown confrontation.  Tiger energy brings pride in what makes us unique and different.  So even if you were in a room full of lightwokers there would be something about you that the other people would sense is different from them.  Maybe they all have problems with money but you don't stress on money like that.  They would notice that you were different in that way. The Relaxation card literally says that being too busy and too stressed blocks the connection to the higher self, cosmic guides, and Source. When I put these cards together I get the message that you need to find what works for you when it comes to clearing o