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3/18/19 Oracle Card Reading for Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorns): Moving On But Still Connected

Spirit Animal Oracle, Messages From The Guides Oracle Cards, Angel Prayers Oracle Cards Put this all together and there's a plot twist situation and something seems like it is suddenly over.  What I see is that you already know that spirit connections continue on even if the physical connection is gone.  This can literally be with someone who is a "dearly departed" and it can also be for those we continue to love who are at a distance.  There is a telepathic bond with someone and you get signs about this person a lot.  I feel like you're telling yourself, "They aren't really gone."  They are gone on a physical level but on other less physical levels the soul is still in contact. If you feel connected to someone who has chosen to not be in your life, maybe they ghosted you or just communication stopped, this is validation that you are still energetically connected.  I feel like there is disappointment around this connection and that is why you