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2/19 Flower Therapy Message: Your Love Light Is Shining

Flower Therapy Oracle Cards by Robert Reeves Just off the top my first thought is that you've been focusing on the external- this 3D experience of taste, tough, smell, sight, and hearing- and your Vortex or your angels are going to (without you being aware of it) start to bring your beautiful inner self out.  And you're going to notice that people are noticing you more.  You may feel a little weird about the positive attention.  So like people are going to suddenly start to see the qualities of quiet caring, steady support, the positive attitude, the love and light that you bring.  It's like they are going to see you in a new light and react to you in a new way.  Maybe with like some newfound respect.   I think we forget that the magnetic energy comes from our vibrations, not our solid mass.  So things that you thought people couldn't see like your kindness or the time you take to clean your own wounds up, they suddenly begin to take notice.  And it's