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11/1/18 All Saints Day Card #2: Saint Martin Caballero: Getting Sorted Into The Right House

Saints and Mystics Reading Cards Martin Caballero was a successful high ranking soldier most of his life.  He joined the Roman Army at age 15.  There is a legend surrounding him where Martin cut his clock in half and gave it to a beggar who was freezing and without any clothes.  He had a vision that the beggar was really Jesus in disguise.  The story goes that Martin was called to stop being a soldier and that he wasn't going to fight battles or wars for anyone anymore.  (Lol I like that a lot.)  Basically he was like, "I see now who I work for and the work that I am supposed to be doing." So basically groups kept following him because he seemed to be the kind of person that people felt was a Divine Leader.  He was elected to Bishop even though he didn't want to be in that kind of a role.  He had a big international background and was able to act as a bridge of diplomacy between different regions.   The keywords on this card are "Spiritual Pilgrim