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Disclaimer: I have to put this here for legal purposes: You are responsible for all the decisions you make based on any information that you read here.  I go to a life coach weekly so if you need the help of a therapist, lawyer, or doctor please go and get it from them.  While I have a lot of training  it is your responsibility what you decide to do with your life.


Here are some links:

My web store for purchasing affordable lightworker coaching sessions, affirmation readings, 5D guidance readings, and angel/tarot readings.


My Patreon Group, The Loveworkers,  is the best place to join me if you want more of a one-on-one weekly connection with me.  You can join with as low as a $1 a month donation to receive access to all the content.  I give weekly energy reads and share regular updates about the processes that I am trying out and the results that I am experiencing.  We also do the spiritual processes from the books by Diana Cooper, Sanaya Roman, Louise Hay, and other beacons of light in the world.


My Youtube Channel is called Divine Friend.
I post mini 5D oracle card readings. 

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