Tea time

Buddhism Reading Cards Message for my Buddha Lightworkers: Cultivating Determination.

Oracle Card Message for the Divine Masculines: Admit you waited too long to say the words you needed to say.

Oracle Message for a depressed starseed lightworker.

Oracle Card Message for a Leo: What are you going to focus on?

Daily Starseed Oracle Card Message: Something from your star system is coming into your life.

Ascended Master Hilarion, Discernment, and intuitive love message for the lonely.

Intuitive Message: The answer is to meet your light being guide.

Daily Earth Angel Card Message: Kuan Yin Vibes

Archangel Animal Oracle Cards: Sheep, Ant, and Tiger

Selfie Time 6/24/20

Daily Tarot: XIX. Emotions, Five of Earth, Nine of Water