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Lion energy showing us our personal power.

   I always look forward to what the day is going to bring because of all the activating lightwork that I do at night. I know that when I wake up it will be into a new higher vibration than the day before and it's always interesting to see what the new frequency brings.  Today I was guided to make white orchid flower essences with crystals that have reiki symbols on them.  I hope that everyone is having a good day and holding steady during these global times of awakening and catalysts.        Lion as a symbol means that on the collective level we are going to be stepping into some kind of inner power up and this may be the thing that can create the breakthrough we have been focusing on.  For me, I've been focusing on a financial breakthrough and a spiritual acceleration breakthrough.  Lion means that whatever is going to be manifesting for us will be more than what we had been asking for.  It also means a reunion or reconnection with some soul tribe people.   Card pulled from T

For me, Water means Light now. #intuitivemessage #collective #lightworkers

  This card is Water but the seashell is a symbol of emotional protection.  I recently had a great experience with Rain so water has become my sign of spiritual clearing of stuck energies. For example, last week I had been piling cardboard boxes on the side of the house with the intention of throwing them away when my mom ordered the next dumpster bin.  I simply didn't want to cut them all down so that they could fit in the recycle trash can that every house is given.  One night it rained and the boxes were so soaked that I was easily able to tear them all apart and in minutes they were all in the recycle can.  My guides showed me mentally that when I send Christ light and solar light to emotional and mental issues (depression, sadness, overwhelm, lack and struggle) it's like how the rain made all the cardboard easy to deal with and throw away.  It may take a few days of steady "sending of light" to an issue but eventually at the end of the day I will be able to wake

Daily Coaching Card: Power Struggle

  41.  Power Struggle You may be involved in a power struggle between two or more people. Intuitive Life Coach Questions: What situation in your life currently feels like a power struggle? Is it work, at home, in social settings, all of the above? In what ways are you contributing to this imbalance? How can you stop adding to this energy? --------- Well for me personally I think I've been in some kind of power struggle with life and all of the above but to be more specific I "was" in a power struggle with my sociopathic narcissistic mother.  She's one of those human beings who is wired to just use people.   Since I live with her right now I guess I feel like work, home life, and social settings are all in a sort of power struggle because all those things are where I live since I live with her. I can stop contributing to this imbalance by moving out. I can stop adding energy now by focusing my energy on my future new "home" and how happy I will be when I am g