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Diana Cooper's Archangel Oracle Cards: Archangel Roquiel and Planetary Service.

  Archangel Roquiel works with earth energy, Gaia consciousness, earth star chakras, and his twin flame is the other archangel who oversees all the oceans and waters.  This card comes up almost daily and it basically lets us know that if we can become more conscious of how to work with the earth star chakra then our life purpose can level up and become aligned with planetary service too.  For me, the earth star is the anchor for all the high Source energy that a 5D lightworker tends to bring in unconsciously.  It helps us to work with Archangel Sandelphon too.  He's the angelic guide that helps us create the consciousness of a direct one-on-one connection to Source.  This card says that we have the potential to create a 5D reality in our physical world.

Unicorn Magic Card: Make a wish, Believe in miracles, Magic surrounds you.

  Card from Oracle of the Unicorns Dear Lightworker, This message is for you.  I want you to know that it isn't an accident that you were somehow led to this page to see this. Unicorns are very high vibrational guides so be sure to appreciate the ascended light energy that got you here. So besides the message that Magic is your magic word and that it's your inner work to delete the parts of you that don't believe in Source energy being able to help you I wanted to tell you something else. You are here for many good beautiful reasons. So many wonderful reasons and purposes. If your life has been especially tough then I offer you a unicorn hug right now.  The kind of unicorn hug that will absorb some of the negative feelings that are active but repressed in your subconscious mind. I trust that you were strong enough to get through the situations that traumatized you.  If you feel like you still need some help with the old trauma though then I am here to tell you that you can