Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Invoking the Healthy Divine Masculine Energy today.

 Today I experienced a big inner shift and healing (from a guided affirmation meditation) and it raised me up into a vibration where I was finally able to acknowledge that about three weeks ago I came face-to-face with some toxic masculine bullshit. The kind of bullshit wounded sabotaging toxic masculinity that takes beautiful energy like love or joy and has to tear it down because toxic people love to feel justified to put their darkness in the light.

Now, I too have had many years in my life where I was the toxic feminine energy in the room. I know what it’s like to subconsciously curse the world and be the dumb bitch who people had to go to therapy about. So I can’t judge too harshly when I see toxic bullshit coming out. All I know is I have moved on from toxic to a healthier higher version of me.

So I’ll just assume that my personal situation with this dysfunctional toxic man-child of a person was some kind of last karmic debt paid to the old days of my wounded bullshit. I have finally reached a point where I can leave this person and what they represent in the past. Today is a new life for me. 

I lit this candle and have the King of The Unicorns card to activate soul energy around the healthy Divine Masculine energy within me. If you have been dealing with toxic masculinity then message me and I’ll give you a free mini oracle card reading on the situation. If you have leveled up and are representing the healthy Divine masculine turn contact me and I’ll give you a mini thank you unicorn reading. 

Have a healthy Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energy day ☀️🥳🤩😚

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