Tuesday, September 29, 2020

4:30 AM Sacred Space


I woke up at 3:30 AM full of energy and I was guided to search up Karen Kay, the creator of a fairy deck and mermaid deck.  I really love how she holds a space for the elements to play with us muggle brings. I’m coming out of a mini ascension cycle and it seems that I am going to be grounding my cosmic star seed energy with the fairy and mermaid energies now.  

What do I wish I could create if I could snap my fingers and have instant gratification: I would manifest a much bigger water fountain for my balcony so that I could have a mermaid space. I would buy all the jewelry from the craft stores and walk around my town looking like some kind of goddess priestess.  I would spend a weekend putting all my mystery spiritual bags together. I would buy more mermaid statues. And more candles. 

I would buy more goddess statues too. Because lately the goddesses of love, light, healing peace, and beauty have been doing everything with me. 

I’ll end this post at 4:44. 
Love light and peace my Divine Friends. 

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