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Invoking the Healthy Divine Masculine Energy today.

  Today I experienced a big inner shift and healing (from a guided affirmation meditation) and it raised me up into a vibration where I was finally able to acknowledge that about three weeks ago I came face-to-face with some toxic masculine bullshit. The kind of bullshit wounded sabotaging toxic masculinity that takes beautiful energy like love or joy and has to tear it down because toxic people love to feel justified to put their darkness in the light. Now, I too have had many years in my life where I was the toxic feminine energy in the room. I know what it’s like to subconsciously curse the world and be the dumb bitch who people had to go to therapy about. So I can’t judge too harshly when I see toxic bullshit coming out. All I know is I have moved on from toxic to a healthier higher version of me. So I’ll just assume that my personal situation with this dysfunctional toxic man-child of a person was some kind of last karmic debt paid to the old days of my wounded bullshit. I have fi

4:30 AM Sacred Space

  I woke up at 3:30 AM full of energy and I was guided to search up Karen Kay, the creator of a fairy deck and mermaid deck.  I really love how she holds a space for the elements to play with us muggle brings. I’m coming out of a mini ascension cycle and it seems that I am going to be grounding my cosmic star seed energy with the fairy and mermaid energies now.   What do I wish I could create if I could snap my fingers and have instant gratification: I would manifest a much bigger water fountain for my balcony so that I could have a mermaid space. I would buy all the jewelry from the craft stores and walk around my town looking like some kind of goddess priestess.  I would spend a weekend putting all my mystery spiritual bags together. I would buy more mermaid statues. And more candles.  I would buy more goddess statues too. Because lately the goddesses of love, light, healing peace, and beauty have been doing everything with me.  I’ll end this post at 4:44.  Love light and peace my Di

Angel Oracle Message: Clear, Cancel, and Release

  Angel Guide Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray All you have to do is tell your Divine Self that you want to be cleared of all the collective negative energy and limited mass consciousness beliefs.  Then drink water because this will trigger an energetic detox.  Then tell your Divine Self to anchor your Divine Self consciousness into your subconscious mind. Also your angels are guiding you to healers on the planet whose life purpose is to "super hyper clear" all the lower vibrations in your frequency.

Daily Angel Card Message: Your healing power is becoming stronger.

Decks:  Crystal Medicine Oracle, The Angel Guide Oracle, Daily Crystal Inspiration Cards Divine Self please delete out of my subconscious mind: The fear of confrontation, of being assertive and having strong boundaries, all the times I followed my intuition and it led to some kind of loss, Delete the disconnect between me and my intuition, delete my 3D mind, delete all denial and effects of denial, and delete all obsessive thinking patterns. This subconscious clearing will clear trust issues with your soul level intuition.  Your guides will bring Divine Self consciousness in that will activate the healer mind.  You may find yourself being drawn to learning more about nature medicines like flower essences, crystals, herbs, and sage clearing. This download will also activate understanding of how to clear astral energy.   Your archangelic guides are acknowledging the increased inner work that you are doing.  This inner healing will create shifts and mini ascension downloads that will allo