Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Starseed Oracle Cards Message for Clearing Stress


Water Your Garden Card: Nourishment, Body Care, Tenderness, Rest
Messenger Card: Sirius Energy, Bringing harmony and balance.

The Water Your Garden card was popping out of this deck all day.  I guess that's a sign it needs to be shared.  

1.  Your soul is used to taking on "missions" in worlds like this that are full of dysfunction and imbalance.  Because of this your SourceSelf, the part of you that exists in the realized reality of Source, has always guided you to the healing systems and people who can teach you how to deeply clear your energy so that you don't get caught up in the chaos around you.  If you are a healer then Healer, Heal Thyself!  If you aren't a healer yet then I suggest you pick a system (massage, reiki, tai chi, shaman rituals) and get certified in something so that you can upgrade the way you clear the vibes within and around you.

2.  The Messenger Card would say that you have starseed linage or ties, which means that you connect easily with other star systems and their ways of transmuting and manifesting.  You have star seed guides and the thing that has been blocking your connection is that we need to unlearn the "hustle for your life" system and get into the "relaxed and unbothered" system.  The more we can increase the quality of our relaxation and get to where we are spending more time in a relaxed state then a "repressing our fears, doubts, and stress but hiding it by saying we are doing great" state the more we can count on seeing the spirit guide connection upgrade into Abraham Hicks kind of stuff.

What I can tell us all is that our light being guides come in a love, light, and peace.  They come on the gold ray of Christ.  They come with the teaching that it's only love love love now now now.  Their ascension tests are done and they can help us to move through our own.

Have fun learning how to be relaxed,
Jackie G.

PS.  Happy Birthday Tupac Shakur.  

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