Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Starseed Oracle Cards Message for Earth Pulse and Deep Clearing.


The Earth Pulsing card says,
"Pulse of the Mother.  Slow down. Time in nature."

and the Deep Cellular Healing card says, 
"Arcturus energy.  Physical and emotional healing."
When I look at the cards I see that we will receive a deep energy clearing in our emotions if we tune into the sound of the Earth.  To me the tone of Earth sounds like monks chanting Om.  We can use raw elements to clear our energy to and detox our physical bodies.  Drinking water that is blessed and prayed over, you can even say affirmations over the water, help create cleansing in our cells.  Acturians are a galactic group of beings who are masters of emotional and cellular healing so if you are a starseed lightworker, or if you are fine to call on ET light beings as guides, then they would be a good group to call on.  (Or you can always stick with angels or spiritual beings that you are more familiar with like Christ and Buddha.)

This is a synchronicity for me because I recently came across a man who channels a guide named Bashar and Bashar said that if we listen to the first three minutes of Beethoven's 7th Symphony Movement 2 that every chord of that music carries the frequencies and tones to clear us at a deep emotional level.

I've been listening to it for about a week now and it's getting to where I hear it in my mind.  I do so much clearing energy work on myself anyway but it has helped the quality of my sleep.  My insomnia isn't as bad as it used to be.  AND I have a newfound appreciation for classical music now and I plan on listening to the full symphony and everything else that Beethoven has done.

Here is a clip that I found of Bashar speaking about this.
From the Youtube channel Ascension Bulgaria.

This led me to another clip that is the sound the earth makes.

Have fun my Divine friends,
Jackie G

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