Oracle Reading for Love and Being Loved.

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You should know that you are lovable and you are loved but this Heart Guardian card would suggest that you can't feel the truth of it.  You know it but you can't feel it because you feel like you can't see it in your life.  Actually I should say that our egos are the ones who can see it.  Like when you get the message to notice the signs and you are like, "What signs?"  Cutting through the layers the block stems from not having the proof that you are loved and so maybe that means you aren't lovable.  Maybe that means you're doomed to never know what it feels like to be loved in a way where the feeling lasts forever.  This kind of love isn't of this world.  Even the highest of evolved enlightened people in this world have personalities that have flaws in them.  Even Jesus needed to get in a boat and row out to the middle of a lake where no one could get to him.  We have to understand that it is a sub-personality inside of our personal identity that holds this belief.  What do we do with these kinds of sub-personalities?  We ask our Source Self to dissolve it into Divine White Light.

Which leads us to the White Witch card that says, "Be The Light."  Use the Divine White Light to dissolve the part of you that holds those dark beliefs.  A reiki healer would dissolve then in the symbols and the Divine White Light.  Take your dark side that doesn't believe in love and dissolve it in the light.

Then we move to The Judgement card which shows three white orbs, to me it looks like the Holy Trinity.  Ask the Holy Spirit to dissolve all the cords and connections that the old darkness was holding onto and let it all fade into Divine White Light.  As we drop our own judgments about what can be we open a pathway to love more of who we are unconditionally.  You can being to draw in more people who will reflect  how you do love yourself rather then people who were reflecting your subconscious rejection of yourself.

A new belief can be that loving is easy and simple.
Sacred Sexuality shows what intimacy looks like when we allow vulnerability to be in our hearts, minds, and finally the body.  Allowing yourself to be loved will mean becoming comfortable with all of your self including your physical form.  Loving yourself means understanding that if you let people get to know you then they would want to have conversations with you and learn from you, they would want to open their hearts to you and share stories with you, and they would want to share physical space with you too.  Being loved means getting comfortable with having people want to be around you.  

Lightworkers have this weird thing where they want to change the world with their soul tribe but at the same time they want to be left alone.
Your personality can't have it both ways.  But your Source Self can find a way to make it so that you can be connected without being drained, losing time, and having enough alone time for yourself.  These cards show the first step is dissolving that sub-personality that doesn't see the proof in Divine White Light.

Love and Peace,
Jackie G.


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