Saturday, June 20, 2020

Oracle Card Message for "Calm Down" and "You're Going To Be OK."

Starseed Oracle Cards, Manifesting Your Mastery Affirmations Cards

Even though I made sure that there wasn't a glare from the camera it still showed up like this.  Diana Cooper said that angels like to amplify the light around pictures sometimes so I decided to just leave this the way it came out.

The cards seem to have so much light within them lately.

OK so the first card we have is Weight Of The World and it's about letting go of energy that isn't your's to process.  I know it's tempting to want to step in with your lightworking abilities and absorb all the pain and chaos that is being beamed all through the world through the news right now but we've come too far to give into that temptation anymore, right?

The image literally looks like she is bathing in a sea of water, stars, and light.  Sometimes an empath has to literally "go there" with it in order to stay balanced in this world.

Then we have the Empathic Starseed card which is basically your Source Self saying, "Stop telling me that it's all overwhelming you.  Co-create a solution with me, your Source Self, that will keep you in your own energy and not fear, anger, pain, and trauma from the people around you." This middle card has the most light glare of all which I think is interesting.  The image shows a lightworker looking into a mirror and her reflection is a frequency.  

The lower that the planet drops in vibration the more that I am being guided to spend my time listening to classical music.  Let the music form an energy wave around you so that it can transmute the energies instead of you.  There's many ways that you can wrap yourself inside of the energy of a different frequency so that you are not being pulled out of your Source center.  I choose classical music and Sanaya Roman audiobooks.  So basically you can literally wrap yourself in music and that alone can be enough of a frequency barrier to protect you.  I'm getting that some of you will use crystal jewelry, flowers and herbs in your pockets, aromatherapy necklaces, organite jewelry, and maybe even headphone wherever you go so that one ear is continually hearing the voice or music of the medium that keeps you raised up.

The Double Mission card point blank says that we serve the world by being our true selves.  I identify my true self as my Source Self, the part of me that has already transcended beyond ascension and has stopped identifying as someone outside of Source.  That's my true self.  Whoever your true self is, you serve yourself and everyone else by figuring out who you really are and being that.

Just be yourself.  The true self.  Not the "fake news" self.

The statement at the top says:
"Work I Love
I am grateful 
to be doing
the work I love, 
and loving the work I do."

Let that sink in however it wants to.

We can do this thing,
Jackie G.

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