Daily Starseed Oracle Card Message: Something from your star system is coming into your life.

The Starseed Oracle Deck

In a nutshell these cards are saying that something from your star system is about to come into your earth life reality.  In the background of the Star Ancestors card there are pictures of Egyptian gods and the pyramids are symbols of mystery school teachings.  

The Seven Sisters card makes me think of the Pleiades star system that is inside of the constellation Taurus.  The Pleiades are known for energy healing knowledge (like Reiki) so you may become drawn to a healing system that has a frequency that is similar to your star light frequency or possibly draw someone to you who has strong Taurus placements.  The Seven Star Sisters card is about manifestation so something is coming from the ethers into your physical world.  You may draw to your life someone who is very grounding for you even though they may seem very airy fairy.

The Hiraeth card is about homesickness and possibly traveling to unexpected (or new to you) places so it may feel like a little adventure.  You may be using traveling around as a way to distract yourself from the deeper feelings inside of disconnection.

Put it all together, in simple tones, I feel this message is about being mindful that the deep inner work that we do (like the affirmations that we say even though we don't believe anymore that they are going to shift anything in our lives) is going to surprise us.  In a very spontaneous way we may find ourselves going to someplace new or meeting new kinds of people.  Maybe you're being drawn to someplace because the people there need your kind of healing vibe.  I think you forget that you are here to be the channel of healing and light and the people who need your frequency are surprising to you when you finally see them in person.  Also animals from your star system may be finding their way into your life.

Sometimes it's easier to love a pet, you know?
Jackie G.


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