Thursday, June 25, 2020

Daily Earth Angel Card Message: Kuan Yin Vibes

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Archangel Michael comes in today protecting, clearing, and empowering our heart centers.  Remember to call on your angels for Divine Assistance because they need us to ask before they can step in and infuse our energy with angelic frequencies.  Think of the genie in the bottle and how the owner has to rub the lamp first.

A mystery school teaching that I use from the Orin material is to fuse the spiritual heart center of the soul with the heart chakra and the physical heart.  In this way very high light energies can flow from our Source Selves all the way to our physical selves.

The Quan Yin card tells me that:
Reiki practitioners who are actively using their reiki energy will find an upgrade in the quality of the reiki coming through them.
Quan Yin and the angels of compassion are coming through to clear mass negative karmic energies.
Quan Yin will help us to be more compassionate and loving with our own selves as well as others.  Remember that you matter too.
Kindness and random acts of kindness are more powerful then you realize.

It looks like Archangel Michael and Kuan Yin are our collective light guides today.

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Have a safe good day.
Jackie G.

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