Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Archangel Animal Oracle Cards: Sheep, Ant, and Tiger

Diana Cooper is really good at making starseed oracle decks.  According to her channeled material a lot of the animals here are from other star systems.  

Sheep card says, "Act with fortitude and co-operation."  Archangel Gabriel and his twin flame Hope bring in the angelic energy with this message.  In this oracle deck Sheep come from the Pleiades (a highly healing star system) and being pack animals means that their world service work is amplified by working in groups.  I feel this card brings the pain of having been connected to a dysfunctional family system.  There is hurt around giving up what you wanted in order for other members to feel OK or have it their way.  

With the Ant Card, it says co-operate for the highest good of the community, and the angelic energy is coming through Archangel Preminilek.  Ants energetically come from the ascended aspect of Sirius, which brings in sacred geometry as a way to create balance and harmony.  I feel this card, it's very similar in message to the Sheep card, but in this case we've come to accept that we really are supposed to be more community oriented.  It can be as simple as volunteering in a shelter or the library or a school.  It can be as complex as joining and supporting an organization that saves lives like a homeless shelter or building homes for people.

We may have rejected our childhood families but the theme of "get in there and help" is still something that is resonating in our life mission.

Tiger Card says, "Accept your magnificence." Archangel Raphael brings in this angelic energy.  Tigers energetically come from Orion and they are unique even in the feline kingdom.  They like to swim and catch fish.  Their presence raises the vibration of their environment.  

Hope came up as the ascended master guide energy (remember that she is the twin flame to Archangel Gabriel and shows up in the Sheep Card).  Basically she is working with us as a guide because she is healing the part that feels unlovable.  That's the wound that may be keeping us from really putting ourselves out there, expanding our community connection network, and making friends.  What I see happening in the cards is that we have a dream of a loving close knit family but the reality is we ended up in something dysfunctional.  Leaving the old family behind we tried to create a new sort of family but it feels like "effort and work" because we are still moving into that Tiger energy of feeling comfortable with who we are and what we bring to the group.  

I think with the Ant energy we came to realize that we want to be loved for who we are, not what we only contribute.  If people only like us based on what we provide then it comes to feel very conditional.  That's why self love is such an important lesson to learn and understand.  It's that self love that allows us to look in the mirror and say, "I am enough by being myself."

We started off thinking we had to give love and acceptance to everyone and then in the end we come to see that we need to give that love and acceptance to ourselves first.

All I can say is to hold onto your hope.  Keep believing in love because love is real.  It really is.  The more I love me then the more I can love you, right?  The more I know who I am the less I become afraid that I am going to lose myself in you, right?  It's OK to need closeness and space.  It's OK to give because you know it's good and right to.  If everyone took care of their homes then the value of the neighborhood goes up.  It's good to be considerate and have good manners.  It's good to know that when we go through life we don't have to do it all alone.  It's good to share who you really are with the people around you.  All the stars create the sky.  It's good to learn how to co-exist with the life around us.  It's OK to put the guard down a little.

Love and Light, 
Jackie G.

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