Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Angel Power Wisdom Cards deck message: Forgiveness and Gratitude.

This deck is pretty amazing.  I like how the pictures are vertical and horizontal.  It's a great angel deck.

OK Forgiveness says, "Forgiveness is the first step in letting go of hurt and emotional pain; it heals only you."
There are some good symbols here: the angel is above the clouds so she can clearly see the full moon and the stars.  It makes me feel like emotional cleansing helps us to express and accept all our spectrum of feelings rather then try and only feel positive all the time.  The full moon would suggest that it is time to examine what the deeper pattern of a painful situation is.  For example, maybe the pain has to do with someone specific but deep down this person is really showing you that an old pattern of abandonment or victim-hood is still active in your vibration.

I think that is why the Gratitude card is coming up.  It says, "Pray for what you need, but be grateful for what you have already received."  To me this goes back to that spectrum of feelings.  You feel hurt, you feel angry, you feel grateful though for the good times and the chance to shift something inside of yourself.  You probably say things like, "I learned a lesson here and for that I am glad."

I feel like the angels are saying it is time to express rather then repress.  Hand it over to Source and if you get guidance to take some action steps then give it a try.  Ask your angels to heal the inner child pattern that this situation is connected to.  Children often feel punished when the adult is simply trying to guide them into a healthier lifestyle, like eating salads instead of cake.  Letting people do whatever they want isn't always the wisest thing nor does it co-create their highest good.  Boundaries seems to be a theme here.  It's possible this is a time to clear some co-dependent behavior.

In the end it's about letting go of those heavy emotions so that you can rise up and feel light hearted again.  Ask for what you need but be grateful for the lesson learned.

I really like this deck and I look forward to sharing it more with everyone in the future.
Jackie G 369

Tea time

Stay hydrated.
Fun fact: Jackie G's name in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is 

Stay Hydrated,
Jackie G 369

Buddhism Reading Cards Message for my Buddha Lightworkers: Cultivating Determination.

Determination is the tenth virtue.  

"It is you who must make the effort.  The master only points the way." Buddha

Determination is a soul quality but it doesn't necessarily mean "efforting."  It's more of a state of mind of "I'll stay committed to this course of action because of the long term goal I'm in the process of creating."

This is also different then being on auto pilot.
It's not about wasting energy.  One can be on a diet for ten years and never lose weight.  Or being in the process of building prosperity consciousness but never create abundance.  Wise determination is when we stop and assess if our energy is actually doing what we are intending for it to do.

Remember that in the Buddhist way the earth world is ruled by Mara, whose job is to make us believe that our illusions are the truth so that we keep wasting our time and energy.  Your life force is priceless.  It's like the gas in the car.  If our deluded ego selves are driving the car then it's just a waste of gas at the end of the day.  If your Higher Self is driving the car then you will actually get somewhere at the end of the day.  You'll actually be able to go to where you are supposed to be.

So for today let us affirm that our Source Self is activated and the one in charge of where our life force should be going and what it should be creating right now.  Let us be determined to be conscious and clear in our bodies, hearts, minds, and souls.

I bless us all with enlightenment,
Jackie G 369

Monday, June 29, 2020

Oracle Card Message for the Divine Masculines: Admit you waited too long to say the words you needed to say.

Starseed Oracle Cards, Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards

The Wait card:  It's not yet time.  Things are being woven.
Messenger card:  Sirius Energy.  Bringing harmony and balance.
Lady Portia card: Divine Order.  Do what you feel is right.  An important lesson is unfolding.

OK so when I put this all together for the DM's I see that someone was being guided by there Higher Self to say something, words that come from deep within the heart so it would have made you feel vulnerable.  I see that these words, this message, this communication was held back because the person was rationalizing, "What's the point in saying this?  I'm just going to feel like a fool."  

By not letting your heart communicate what the inner message was Lady Portia, the ascended violet flame master guide, was drawn in to clear the obstacles to this mess.

It's ironic because on the surface nothing has happened because nothing was said.  No communication happened.  The message was some kind of truth that needed to be expressed.  It needed to be said out loud in order to change some karmic energy or activate some archetype.  So nothing happened and something was supposed to happen and it would have been activated by whatever the heart felt words were.

The Divine Masculine is supposed to be learning that truth needs to be spoken.  Stop holding it in and hold it back.
The communication still needs to happen.  Once you say the thing, or have the conversation, forgiveness can be expressed and feelings can be shared and love can bloom again.

With Lady Portia this is about getting things unstuck on a heart level.  The emotions need to be flowing like water.  It's the unspoken words from the heart that are causing the block.  So to unblock the flow you have to use your words.  It's almost like a Mercury Retrograde kind of energy where we go back to the past and say what we need to say and then jump back into the present moment with a little less baggage.  It's not even about the lost opportunity anymore.  It's about speaking the truth so that everyone can move forward.  I feel for some this is an apology, for others this is a raw honest conversation that is about feeling very mixed up and lost inside, and for others this is about giving someone the validation that Yes the feelings were real, no it wasn't a game.

Deep Breaths,
Use your words,
Jackie G 369

Oracle Message for a depressed starseed lightworker.

Starseed Oracle Cards

The Forge, Don't Follow card shows that we are feeling emotional and mental burn-out from trying to be one emotion instead of making space for the other emotions to come up and come out.  Logically we know that we are multi-dimensional and that as we shift into more wellness the old repressed emotions need to come up and to be acknowledged and released.  This is why we need spiritual life coaches, mentors, healers, and wise one's in out lives so that they can hold the space for us.  Humanity tries to put themselves into a small box, one size fits all, cookie cutter, track home kind of situation but....sigh.

For those who are really in tune with themselves, they already have a support system in place to turn to for that extra emotional support.  I applaud you if you have a therapist (or someone like that) in your life already.

The Breath of the Cosmos card literally talks about admitting that it's time for a Divine Surrender.  It's time to tell the ego self that there are Divine Plans that we can trust in to unfold without us having to be involved.  The only thing we need to do is just be honest with ourselves about what is rising up from within right now.  The overwhelm of not knowing how to "fix it" can cause depression.  I see functional depression when I see these cards.  A spiritual life coach, reiki healer, or therapist can hold the space for you to process these feelings and move into Divine Surrender.

Keepers of the Light Oracle, Work Your Light Oracle Cards

To show you that your requests for Divine Help are being heard I pulled a light guide card and Hilarion came up.  He comes in with that strong heart chakra energy and brings the message that Source can see your devotion, your wishes for a deeper connection, your prayers for a higher love.  If you call on Hilarion and allow him to come into your aura you can absorb that beautiful green light into your heart.  

When he was incarnate he was known for being in the time of the first wave of Christian mystics.  He was close to Saint Anthony of Egypt.  They say his heartfelt love for people gave him the ability to heal others at a distance with his prayers.  When he comes in as a guide it is to give us the love, light, and healing energy that we want to be giving to others.  He teaches us to sit back and receive.

What I see here is that we have a very loving high level light guide who understands the challenges of feeling like we should be doing more with our time, energy, and resources.  But Hilarion was able to be of service to people at a distance because he knew that he wasn't the one doing the actual work.  I believe that he is with us as a guide right now to help us remember that we don't have to do anything other then sit back and receive the love, light, inspiration, and peace from our Source Selves.  Learn how to rest and be still until you sense the true download of being called to take action.

I feel better.  I hope that you felt the shift,
Jackie G. 369

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Oracle Card Message for a Leo: What are you going to focus on?

Crystal Mandala Oracle, Messages from Your Spirit Guides Oracle, Angel Prayers Oracle

This intuitively goes out to Leo Signs or if you feel called to the title.

"I call upon the Crystal Angel of Malachite and Archangel Raphael who love me unconditionally.  Thank you for the Divine Healing gift of grace for the grand gesture.  May I be blessed by grace to know exactly how, what, and when to express my grand gesture of trust and faith to the Universe.  May I listen to my heart and trust in the truth it shows me, knowing it is the voice of the Divine that speaks through my heart, helping me in all ways.  May all beings, ready to take the leap of faith, be encouraged by love and supported by grace. Through unconditional love, divine mercy, and my own free will, so be it."

This card is giving me Fool Card vibes.  It's almost like the Universe is going to give you a test to see if the shifts you've been making will stick.  So if something comes up and it's an unexpected traditional 3D annoying situation it may actually be a test from your guides to see if you have grown.  Your grand gesture would be like giving forgiveness and letting the issue go even though the old you knows you would be justified to be angry or whatever.  Or something comes up and you keep your cool even though your whole day goes out the window.

Your angel cards both talk about focusing on the positive.  You understand that you can choose to see reality any way you want to see it.  Maybe that's what the test will be about.  How would you choose to see it?

Hope this helps,
Jackie G.

Daily Starseed Oracle Card Message: Something from your star system is coming into your life.

The Starseed Oracle Deck

In a nutshell these cards are saying that something from your star system is about to come into your earth life reality.  In the background of the Star Ancestors card there are pictures of Egyptian gods and the pyramids are symbols of mystery school teachings.  

The Seven Sisters card makes me think of the Pleiades star system that is inside of the constellation Taurus.  The Pleiades are known for energy healing knowledge (like Reiki) so you may become drawn to a healing system that has a frequency that is similar to your star light frequency or possibly draw someone to you who has strong Taurus placements.  The Seven Star Sisters card is about manifestation so something is coming from the ethers into your physical world.  You may draw to your life someone who is very grounding for you even though they may seem very airy fairy.

The Hiraeth card is about homesickness and possibly traveling to unexpected (or new to you) places so it may feel like a little adventure.  You may be using traveling around as a way to distract yourself from the deeper feelings inside of disconnection.

Put it all together, in simple tones, I feel this message is about being mindful that the deep inner work that we do (like the affirmations that we say even though we don't believe anymore that they are going to shift anything in our lives) is going to surprise us.  In a very spontaneous way we may find ourselves going to someplace new or meeting new kinds of people.  Maybe you're being drawn to someplace because the people there need your kind of healing vibe.  I think you forget that you are here to be the channel of healing and light and the people who need your frequency are surprising to you when you finally see them in person.  Also animals from your star system may be finding their way into your life.

Sometimes it's easier to love a pet, you know?
Jackie G.

Friday, June 26, 2020

Ascended Master Hilarion, Discernment, and intuitive love message for the lonely.

I often feel the thoughts coming into my mind asking about love and I, Jackie G, don't want to do love readings.  My guide 369 does though.  So I guess we are doing love energy readings now.  Let this be known as the day that I stopped resisting.

OK so I sense people who are wondering why love/soulmate/soul tribe people are not coming into their life even though deep in their hearts they yearn for such closeness.  They want the closeness of a deeply committed bond but not just from a lover, from soul friends too.  So what is the block?

Crysal Mandala Oracle, Whispers of Love Oracle, Angel Prayers Oracle Cards

Ascended Master Hilarion brings healing for the wound of what I call the drawbacks of multi-dimensionality.  That means that we know that people are complex.  People have layers.  They have masks and all kinds of sub-personalities and archetypes that run through them.  We know this because we are apart of the same system.  No one is one thing all the time.  We are a combination of elements trying to dial down through purification into one element and we can't be one thing because that isn't what we are.  

It's hard to love people because people change and stay the same all at the same time.  We're hard to love because of that.  Green Chrysoprase is the crytsal tool that we can use as flesh and blood human ego beings to bring in a 3D frequency of new love, new beginnings, and fresh energy into old things.

The Very Soon card shows that we know something is on the brink of manifesting.  It's so close you can taste it and when you end the day and the new person hasn't crossed your path you think, "Ok well maybe tomorrow."  It's like waiting for water to boil.  What you choose to do with the time it takes is up to you.  Some people do other things while they wait.  Some people literally do nothing and "sleep on it."  

We have two cards here showing the message for resting and sleeping.  This tells me that when you lay down and the day is over, that is when your mind stops thinking about "How can I do this or that or whatever?"  and your heart starts to say, "Here in the dark my mind can go to the one that I miss now."  I see telepathic bonding at night when you're supposed to be sleeping. I see astral traveling to the ones we miss in our lives.

Going back to the Master Hiliarion card I see that we are the ones who need to own that we wear a mask during the day.  When the sun is up we may be able to push away the love we wish we had.  When the moon is out and it's just us in bed we indulge in that wishing and telepathic bonding.  I think Master Hiliarion is healing these two parts of us.  He's helping us to stop being in split energy about the love we wish we had.  If there is someone who you- deep in your heart- you can't get them out of your head so you use your mind to feel them, then you may be resisting calling this person up and saying something that may sound ridiculous.  Like, "I love you but I don't know know why and I lack the communication skills to be able to talk to you about this too.  Sorry I ghosted you."

There may be layers of blocks here but one layer that we can easily dissolve right now is the one belief that we'll never find what we are looking for.  Take that sub-personality and dissolve it in the light of your Source Self.  Affirm, "What I am looking for is easy to find."  It's like when you are looking for car keys and then you find them in your purse.  Who you are looking for, they exist, and you will see them when you believe it.

I really hope that everyone finds their soul tribe and their soulmates.  I think this world would calm down if there were more moments of intimacy, vulnerability, and connection.

Jackie g. 369

Intuitive Message: The answer is to meet your light being guide.

I'm feeling someone... like they don't know how to make a difference in the world.  They feel like they are searching for some answer to some question that only Source can know the answer to.  It's not a good feeling.  It's the kind of feeling where one feels like they are lost in some way.  Like if they were on track then everything would be the opposite of how it is now in their life.  

Whoever you are, my Divine Friend, this message is for you.

First we need to take the part of us that thinks everything in our life is "wrong" and put that sub-personality into the light of our Source Self.  Let your Source Light dissolve the belief that everything is somehow not right.  

Crystal Mandala Oracle, Ascension Oracle Cards, Ask Angels Oracle Cards, The Starseed Oracle

The first card with Lady Nada and Rhodochrosite say that you are feeling the lose of connection with a very high light being guide. It could actually be Lady Nada herself or a guide that is similar to her selfless, egoless, spiritual heart chakra energy.  She is a very gentle and loving ascended master guide and the Rhodochrosite crystal is a tool that you can use in this world to create the frequency of deep emotional healing and soothing.  

Let Joy And Love Be Your Guide and the YES! card are validations that you are meant to have a conscious connection to your light being guides.  This lack of being able to feel them with you in your physical world is part of why there is an inner sense that you are meant to be doing something more but you don't have the information that you need in order to do this life mission.  The key is in spending time, creating a habit in your life, where you take the time to connect with your light being guides.  They are sources of love, light, and 5D information that you can plug into everyday.

A lot of lightworkers are looking for a soulmate relationship when in reality it's their light being guides they are missing.

The Forge, Don't Follow card is a card for leaders.  This is a call for us to step up and do the work that is required in order to make our own way.  In this case the inner work required is to own that we are lightworkers and we can become conduits for very high Source energies to come through into this world.  Instead of wondering why God has gone silent on us we need to start learning the ways of how to tap into our Source Selves and start strengthening that connection until it has become apart of our daily conscious reality.

If you don't know where to start with this kind of energy work I would recommend this $7 meditation from Sanaya Roman who channels Orin.

 It's a list of 72 single meditation/transmissions and I use them and they help a lot.  Look for the one that is called 
Meeting Your Spirit Guide.

The love you are looking for, it isn't of this world.
That's why you can't find it.  That kind of higher love has to come through something or someone.  Through our truth, kindness, loving actions, our moments when we choose to forgive, precious inspired moments like that.  We can be the conduits for this Source energy for ourselves and each others.

I Love You,
Jackie g. 369

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Daily Earth Angel Card Message: Kuan Yin Vibes

Ascension Angel Cards, As Angel Oracle Cards, Keepers Of The Light Oracle Cards

Archangel Michael comes in today protecting, clearing, and empowering our heart centers.  Remember to call on your angels for Divine Assistance because they need us to ask before they can step in and infuse our energy with angelic frequencies.  Think of the genie in the bottle and how the owner has to rub the lamp first.

A mystery school teaching that I use from the Orin material is to fuse the spiritual heart center of the soul with the heart chakra and the physical heart.  In this way very high light energies can flow from our Source Selves all the way to our physical selves.

The Quan Yin card tells me that:
Reiki practitioners who are actively using their reiki energy will find an upgrade in the quality of the reiki coming through them.
Quan Yin and the angels of compassion are coming through to clear mass negative karmic energies.
Quan Yin will help us to be more compassionate and loving with our own selves as well as others.  Remember that you matter too.
Kindness and random acts of kindness are more powerful then you realize.

It looks like Archangel Michael and Kuan Yin are our collective light guides today.

Buddha Reading Cards

Have a safe good day.
Jackie G.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Archangel Animal Oracle Cards: Sheep, Ant, and Tiger

Diana Cooper is really good at making starseed oracle decks.  According to her channeled material a lot of the animals here are from other star systems.  

Sheep card says, "Act with fortitude and co-operation."  Archangel Gabriel and his twin flame Hope bring in the angelic energy with this message.  In this oracle deck Sheep come from the Pleiades (a highly healing star system) and being pack animals means that their world service work is amplified by working in groups.  I feel this card brings the pain of having been connected to a dysfunctional family system.  There is hurt around giving up what you wanted in order for other members to feel OK or have it their way.  

With the Ant Card, it says co-operate for the highest good of the community, and the angelic energy is coming through Archangel Preminilek.  Ants energetically come from the ascended aspect of Sirius, which brings in sacred geometry as a way to create balance and harmony.  I feel this card, it's very similar in message to the Sheep card, but in this case we've come to accept that we really are supposed to be more community oriented.  It can be as simple as volunteering in a shelter or the library or a school.  It can be as complex as joining and supporting an organization that saves lives like a homeless shelter or building homes for people.

We may have rejected our childhood families but the theme of "get in there and help" is still something that is resonating in our life mission.

Tiger Card says, "Accept your magnificence." Archangel Raphael brings in this angelic energy.  Tigers energetically come from Orion and they are unique even in the feline kingdom.  They like to swim and catch fish.  Their presence raises the vibration of their environment.  

Hope came up as the ascended master guide energy (remember that she is the twin flame to Archangel Gabriel and shows up in the Sheep Card).  Basically she is working with us as a guide because she is healing the part that feels unlovable.  That's the wound that may be keeping us from really putting ourselves out there, expanding our community connection network, and making friends.  What I see happening in the cards is that we have a dream of a loving close knit family but the reality is we ended up in something dysfunctional.  Leaving the old family behind we tried to create a new sort of family but it feels like "effort and work" because we are still moving into that Tiger energy of feeling comfortable with who we are and what we bring to the group.  

I think with the Ant energy we came to realize that we want to be loved for who we are, not what we only contribute.  If people only like us based on what we provide then it comes to feel very conditional.  That's why self love is such an important lesson to learn and understand.  It's that self love that allows us to look in the mirror and say, "I am enough by being myself."

We started off thinking we had to give love and acceptance to everyone and then in the end we come to see that we need to give that love and acceptance to ourselves first.

All I can say is to hold onto your hope.  Keep believing in love because love is real.  It really is.  The more I love me then the more I can love you, right?  The more I know who I am the less I become afraid that I am going to lose myself in you, right?  It's OK to need closeness and space.  It's OK to give because you know it's good and right to.  If everyone took care of their homes then the value of the neighborhood goes up.  It's good to be considerate and have good manners.  It's good to know that when we go through life we don't have to do it all alone.  It's good to share who you really are with the people around you.  All the stars create the sky.  It's good to learn how to co-exist with the life around us.  It's OK to put the guard down a little.

Love and Light, 
Jackie G.

Selfie Time 6/24/20


Daily Tarot: XIX. Emotions, Five of Earth, Nine of Water

Dreams of Gaia Tarot

My intuitive take on this:
This girl's higher self has come to her with two dragons that are able to transmute her lower energy and bring her back into a state of balance, clear thinking, clear emotions, and detachment.  All emotions are acknowledged here, the ups and the downs.  Even when we are in our Higher Self state we are aware that on some level there is an egoic part of ourselves that is ready to receive some healing.
Normally opposites don't attract unless it's for the higher good that they do. We may become hyper aware of when we are repressing how we really feel.  Maybe we wish we had more freedom to answer honestly when people ask, "How are you doing?"  Maybe we don't know how we are feeling because we are feeling a lot of conflicting emotions at once or we can't feel anything because of a disconnect.

The Five of Earth card shows a con-man who plays mind games in order to cheat people out of what is there's.  This is a very egoic energy card.  So this could be someone in our life who knows we aren't doing well but maybe "he" tells you that your life is good, your basic needs are met, you have a good life so he can't understand why you are depressed.  This person may mean well but "he" doesn't see past the surface, or at the least he doesn't know how to say, "I know you aren't doing OK.  Can you try and be honest with me?"  This is the kind of person who sees us everyday, maybe even lives with us, and for some reason they can't seem to see that people are unhappy, that there is dysfunction in the air.

In the Nine of Water card, if you were to see the card super close up you would see that her third eye is open.  She's in a womblike space and is ready to rebirth herself and shift her emotional energy out of denial. This is about breaking an emotional pattern where we were on auto-pilot.  

What I see when I look at these cards is that very real and raw feelings are in need of expression.  Your Higher Self has not abandoned you but instead brought two fire dragon guides to clear all the very low frequency of functional depression.  It would be tempting to blame someone else for this emotional state but this is about taking accountability and owning our own power.  Even if someone around you isn't actually helping you by insisting that you are OK.  Your Higher Self has helped you to choose to come out of denial.  

I feel like there is a fear that someone around you, that they really don't care about you because they are tired of you not knowing why you aren't happy with your life.  I think they do care it's just it isn't their responsibility to do the inner work for you.  There's a fear that this person benefits from you being unable to stand in your power.  But it isn't their fault if you aren't. The Emotions card reminds me that it takes a higher consciousness to bring the solution because we can't find the answer with the consciousness that created the problem.  You may need to seek out someone who is able to bring that higher consciousness so that you can see the real truth.  The Nine of Water would say the truth is you can always rebirth yourself.  You can always begin to become what it is that you feel drawn to be.  If you want to be emotionally sorted out then set that as the intention.  Yes, figure out what your intention is first.  Then the Universe will begin to make you magnetic to that.

Maybe you want to be the kind of person who is in control of your emotions.  You don't want to be a slave to your moods.  The Nine of Water tells me to start small with better quality self care.  Spa baths, essential oils, looking in the mirror and working on liking who you see, start with basic self love.  Affirm that you are more then your feelings.

Love is here even if you can't feel it yet,
Jackie G.

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Oracle Card Message for "Calm Down" and "You're Going To Be OK."

Starseed Oracle Cards, Manifesting Your Mastery Affirmations Cards

Even though I made sure that there wasn't a glare from the camera it still showed up like this.  Diana Cooper said that angels like to amplify the light around pictures sometimes so I decided to just leave this the way it came out.

The cards seem to have so much light within them lately.

OK so the first card we have is Weight Of The World and it's about letting go of energy that isn't your's to process.  I know it's tempting to want to step in with your lightworking abilities and absorb all the pain and chaos that is being beamed all through the world through the news right now but we've come too far to give into that temptation anymore, right?

The image literally looks like she is bathing in a sea of water, stars, and light.  Sometimes an empath has to literally "go there" with it in order to stay balanced in this world.

Then we have the Empathic Starseed card which is basically your Source Self saying, "Stop telling me that it's all overwhelming you.  Co-create a solution with me, your Source Self, that will keep you in your own energy and not fear, anger, pain, and trauma from the people around you." This middle card has the most light glare of all which I think is interesting.  The image shows a lightworker looking into a mirror and her reflection is a frequency.  

The lower that the planet drops in vibration the more that I am being guided to spend my time listening to classical music.  Let the music form an energy wave around you so that it can transmute the energies instead of you.  There's many ways that you can wrap yourself inside of the energy of a different frequency so that you are not being pulled out of your Source center.  I choose classical music and Sanaya Roman audiobooks.  So basically you can literally wrap yourself in music and that alone can be enough of a frequency barrier to protect you.  I'm getting that some of you will use crystal jewelry, flowers and herbs in your pockets, aromatherapy necklaces, organite jewelry, and maybe even headphone wherever you go so that one ear is continually hearing the voice or music of the medium that keeps you raised up.

The Double Mission card point blank says that we serve the world by being our true selves.  I identify my true self as my Source Self, the part of me that has already transcended beyond ascension and has stopped identifying as someone outside of Source.  That's my true self.  Whoever your true self is, you serve yourself and everyone else by figuring out who you really are and being that.

Just be yourself.  The true self.  Not the "fake news" self.

The statement at the top says:
"Work I Love
I am grateful 
to be doing
the work I love, 
and loving the work I do."

Let that sink in however it wants to.

We can do this thing,
Jackie G.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Starseed Oracle Cards Message for Clearing Stress


Water Your Garden Card: Nourishment, Body Care, Tenderness, Rest
Messenger Card: Sirius Energy, Bringing harmony and balance.

The Water Your Garden card was popping out of this deck all day.  I guess that's a sign it needs to be shared.  

1.  Your soul is used to taking on "missions" in worlds like this that are full of dysfunction and imbalance.  Because of this your SourceSelf, the part of you that exists in the realized reality of Source, has always guided you to the healing systems and people who can teach you how to deeply clear your energy so that you don't get caught up in the chaos around you.  If you are a healer then Healer, Heal Thyself!  If you aren't a healer yet then I suggest you pick a system (massage, reiki, tai chi, shaman rituals) and get certified in something so that you can upgrade the way you clear the vibes within and around you.

2.  The Messenger Card would say that you have starseed linage or ties, which means that you connect easily with other star systems and their ways of transmuting and manifesting.  You have star seed guides and the thing that has been blocking your connection is that we need to unlearn the "hustle for your life" system and get into the "relaxed and unbothered" system.  The more we can increase the quality of our relaxation and get to where we are spending more time in a relaxed state then a "repressing our fears, doubts, and stress but hiding it by saying we are doing great" state the more we can count on seeing the spirit guide connection upgrade into Abraham Hicks kind of stuff.

What I can tell us all is that our light being guides come in a love, light, and peace.  They come on the gold ray of Christ.  They come with the teaching that it's only love love love now now now.  Their ascension tests are done and they can help us to move through our own.

Have fun learning how to be relaxed,
Jackie G.

PS.  Happy Birthday Tupac Shakur.  

Starseed Oracle Cards Message for Earth Pulse and Deep Clearing.


The Earth Pulsing card says,
"Pulse of the Mother.  Slow down. Time in nature."

and the Deep Cellular Healing card says, 
"Arcturus energy.  Physical and emotional healing."
When I look at the cards I see that we will receive a deep energy clearing in our emotions if we tune into the sound of the Earth.  To me the tone of Earth sounds like monks chanting Om.  We can use raw elements to clear our energy to and detox our physical bodies.  Drinking water that is blessed and prayed over, you can even say affirmations over the water, help create cleansing in our cells.  Acturians are a galactic group of beings who are masters of emotional and cellular healing so if you are a starseed lightworker, or if you are fine to call on ET light beings as guides, then they would be a good group to call on.  (Or you can always stick with angels or spiritual beings that you are more familiar with like Christ and Buddha.)

This is a synchronicity for me because I recently came across a man who channels a guide named Bashar and Bashar said that if we listen to the first three minutes of Beethoven's 7th Symphony Movement 2 that every chord of that music carries the frequencies and tones to clear us at a deep emotional level.

I've been listening to it for about a week now and it's getting to where I hear it in my mind.  I do so much clearing energy work on myself anyway but it has helped the quality of my sleep.  My insomnia isn't as bad as it used to be.  AND I have a newfound appreciation for classical music now and I plan on listening to the full symphony and everything else that Beethoven has done.

Here is a clip that I found of Bashar speaking about this.
From the Youtube channel Ascension Bulgaria.

This led me to another clip that is the sound the earth makes.

Have fun my Divine friends,
Jackie G

Monday, June 15, 2020

Oracle Card Message for Collective Anxiety

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The picture came out so washed with light that I take it as a sign that we are more surrounded by our Light Being Guides then we had thought.  

The Courageous Peony card has the keywords: multifaceted, unique nature.  Let yourself be seen.  This is a time on the planet when people are taking the opportunity to show their true colors, to show what they really believe, and what we really don't believe.  From a higher perspective this is a time when we can drop the pretenses and finally come out of whatever metaphorical closet society told us to be in.  On a mass scale people are letting their real feelings and real thoughts be known.  That's not a bad thing.  It's a freeing thing.
This card points out that nature doesn't bloom according to who is going to walk by.  The flowers don't choose not to bloom if the "unwanted person" is the one who walks by.  Nature blooms because that is what it feels called to do.  This is a time when people are giving themselves the green light to do what they feel called to do.

The Whale and Orca Elders card has the keywords:  Share your song.  Frequency of sound.  Diving deep.  It's a very beautiful card which also saying that we can choose to take the opportunity to let our true feelings and beliefs be known.  This card would suggest we take time to think about what our "message" is that we may have been repressing for a long time.  To me this also means that when we connect with other people who have similar messages to express we can ride a wave of conscious expression rather then societal pressured expression.

If you're reading this then most likely your soul message is something about understanding that this life is a school.  It's a place to learn and teach simultaneously.  Things that are hard to learn challenge us to grow and find a way through it.  Eventually your intention to consciously be a high vibrational frequency in whatever dimension we are existing in will still be there in spite of the challenges.

On the other side of anxiety there are light beings who are guides to us.  The seraphim angels, saints, and holy ascended masters are all with us.  All we have to do is tune into them rather then what is being shown on the news.  Let the light dimensions of Source be the thing that hooks your attention.  What if you saw on the news every single person who is quietly enlightened and awakened beaming love light and peace?  How fast would you rise up to that?  It's there even if you can't see it because the media believes people only believe what they see.  We believe what we feel.  You can feel better if you use your brow chakra to visualize the realm of Source that is completely unbothered by what is happening here on Earth.  They are unbothered because they know we already have the solutions we claim we are looking for.

This is a moment in time where we can come clean with what we really believe.  Take time to meditate on what it is that you really believe at the highest frequency you can be aware of. Then be like nature and grow because it is what you are being called to do.

Have a good present moment,
Jackie G.

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Oracle Reading for Love and Being Loved.

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You should know that you are lovable and you are loved but this Heart Guardian card would suggest that you can't feel the truth of it.  You know it but you can't feel it because you feel like you can't see it in your life.  Actually I should say that our egos are the ones who can see it.  Like when you get the message to notice the signs and you are like, "What signs?"  Cutting through the layers the block stems from not having the proof that you are loved and so maybe that means you aren't lovable.  Maybe that means you're doomed to never know what it feels like to be loved in a way where the feeling lasts forever.  This kind of love isn't of this world.  Even the highest of evolved enlightened people in this world have personalities that have flaws in them.  Even Jesus needed to get in a boat and row out to the middle of a lake where no one could get to him.  We have to understand that it is a sub-personality inside of our personal identity that holds this belief.  What do we do with these kinds of sub-personalities?  We ask our Source Self to dissolve it into Divine White Light.

Which leads us to the White Witch card that says, "Be The Light."  Use the Divine White Light to dissolve the part of you that holds those dark beliefs.  A reiki healer would dissolve then in the symbols and the Divine White Light.  Take your dark side that doesn't believe in love and dissolve it in the light.

Then we move to The Judgement card which shows three white orbs, to me it looks like the Holy Trinity.  Ask the Holy Spirit to dissolve all the cords and connections that the old darkness was holding onto and let it all fade into Divine White Light.  As we drop our own judgments about what can be we open a pathway to love more of who we are unconditionally.  You can being to draw in more people who will reflect  how you do love yourself rather then people who were reflecting your subconscious rejection of yourself.

A new belief can be that loving is easy and simple.
Sacred Sexuality shows what intimacy looks like when we allow vulnerability to be in our hearts, minds, and finally the body.  Allowing yourself to be loved will mean becoming comfortable with all of your self including your physical form.  Loving yourself means understanding that if you let people get to know you then they would want to have conversations with you and learn from you, they would want to open their hearts to you and share stories with you, and they would want to share physical space with you too.  Being loved means getting comfortable with having people want to be around you.  

Lightworkers have this weird thing where they want to change the world with their soul tribe but at the same time they want to be left alone.
Your personality can't have it both ways.  But your Source Self can find a way to make it so that you can be connected without being drained, losing time, and having enough alone time for yourself.  These cards show the first step is dissolving that sub-personality that doesn't see the proof in Divine White Light.

Love and Peace,
Jackie G.

Oracle Card Reading for Some Peacefulness

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This Strength card looks like the kind of strength that comes from yoga.  It's core strength.  It's inner strength.  You may be feeling like your inner strength is reaching a glass ceiling because the kind of support you are looking for isn't in this world.  It comes from your faith and trust connection in your Source Self to co-create the Divine Flow with you.  Sometimes life has a way of killing your spirit.  It just does.  Life happens and you lose faith in everything, you get mad, you get sad, you're out of the Vortex and you don't care.  The good news is that this card is a sign that you are being tested around some life lesson right now.  Do you have enough awareness to know what the lesson is?  If you don't want to have to re-take this course you better start doing the real inner work again.  Back to the basics with creating schedules, routines, budgets, and taking time to be grounded.  If you are already losing your health in some way to the lack of inner strength that you need right now that would be a sign to hit the pause button and then do a reset.

The Seeing Both Sides card indicates that you really should spend some time trying to see the situation from the other person's eyes.  Being too self absorbed and self centered causes biased divination results.  Strength in this case would mean finding someone who is outside of the situation completely so that you can get some real unfiltered feedback.  The more neutral feedback you get the more you will be able to bring a balance to the mind and heart.  Being too much in the thoughts or the feelings can be what is causing the weakening of inner strength.

In the Where You Need To Be card we see a beautiful sea slug.  It relies on the wind and the currents to get around.  It can even be found floating upside down.  That is what happens when you have the realization that you don't have control over much.  God blessed us with examples in nature for how to deal with life.  This card shows what will happen as you begin to let go of focusing on who is feeling what and why they did what they did.  We all have free will.  The point is when the shift to focusing on what we do have control over does happen we will see that we can still choose what we think.  We can know from Law of Attraction teachings that what we think creates a magnet in our aura.  We can choose to focus on the kinds of magnets that we have in our cells, heart, and mind.  Which takes us to the affirmation from our ascended master goddess guide Louise Hay:

My inner world is peaceful.
It is safe for me to look within.
Each time I look deeper into myself,
I will find incredible beautiful treasures.

My humble advice:  Spend some time reading affirmations.
Or listening to them.
And breathe.

Love and Light,
Jackie G.