For Fire Signs: A 5D Love Message: You bring freedom and they bring stability. It's a good blend.

Decks used: Spirit of the Animal Oracle, Magdaline Oracle, and Louise Hay Heart Thoughts Cards

The Goose card is the one representing the Fire Sign here.  So we have Goose meaning that the Fire Sign person is being called to travel or you're the one who has to go the distance or make the move.  You are a brave traveler so for your spirit it is more of an adventure to go distances.  Like you probably wouldn't have an issue with driving 45 minutes to go to some restaurant.  Your soul knows the way, your soul knows where you are supposed to be headed.  Abraham Hicks says that if we are really listening to our soul voice we would know that our soul doesn't tell us to do the same thing day after day.  That's because the people we are meant to know are all over the place so the soul will prompt us to go here and there and everywhere in an effort to get us all to cross paths.  Have confidence and affirm that you are always in the right place at the right time with the right people.
Be confident you will achieve your destination.  Affirm that you love being you, that you follow your inner wisdom, and that wherever you go and whomever you meet you will find your own love and your own highest good waiting for you.
Loyal friends are always with you (on the 5D for sure they are with you in spirit.)  The reason you are being asked by Spirit to be the one who has to go the distance to this other person is that you are supposed to be learning how to enjoy the physical and symbolic journey.  Don't worry, you are blessed.  Soulmates provide us with experiences to face our own fears.  Look for ways to strengthen your connection to the universe and others.  Stay peaceful and calm in the knowing of who you are.  Loving yourself unconditionally means accepting what is.  Affirm, "In loving myself, I help create a world where it is safe for us to love each other."  So let yourself fly.  Let yourself be free to go where you are being guided to be.  Don't be afraid to allow this person represented by Elephant to blend with your energy and change your life.  There could be a fear of losing yourself in this person somehow, like in the way they think, in the way they live their life.  This person may have some habits that would be good for you to adopt but your 3D ego self would view that (By the way, Spirit is telling you to go to this Elephant spirit person.)  So affirm that "I flow with life and that I am on an every changing journey.  My life is never stuck or static or stale for each moment is new and fresh."

Now the Elephant spirit person, this person is a great anchor of light and 5D consciousness.  What does your soul want you to know about this person?  Love is their strength, so that means they know that they are free to say no if something isn't good for them.  They know how to use their own mind to figure out what is right for them and they trust themselves to make the right decisions even if it's a decision that their 3D ego self doesn't want to make. Leadership is their path.  They are not a follower but they know how to hold their own and blend in a group however even in a group they probably stand out as someone who is not afraid to speak up and take action.  This person has learned how to affirm, "I love and accept myself exactly as I am."  So even if they talk about their wounds or "what is wrong" deep down inside their spirit guides them to heal these wounds by building the consciousness of self love, self respect, and self esteem.  Their wisdom inspires everyone they meet.  Their light really shines.  They may not fully realize just how bright their inner light shines.  It's because they know that their light is Source's light and that energy is limitless.  They make it look easy to achieve the goals they set for themselves.  That's because they aren't afraid to do to the work.  Because of that their income is always increasing in very unlimited ways.  If they don't trust what they are creating though then the blocks pop up.  They really have to trust that what they are doing is the right thing.  As long as they know that then they won't create resistance in a relationship.

Now the 5D card there is Co-Creation and this means that you two really are meant to create something together.  What I see is that both of you hold the idea that you are supposed to figure everything out on your own and create what you need by yourself.  This connection is about learning how to co-create something together.  Just remember that thought is only a thought and it can be changed.  (Thank you Louise Hay for that comforting affirmation.)  Affirm that changes are easy to make and that you are willing to shift with the change.  The Universe will bring you whatever you need. 

So Goose person, love where you are right now on all the levels of your multi-dimensional self.  Use your sensitivity to know when to act.  Connect your heart to your head to figure out what you would life to do.  Your soul would like for you to connect with this Elephant person.  Remember that you are a loving and joyful person.  You are multi-talented and complex.  Affirm that the first change you make is to release all thoughts and vibrations of confusion, chaos, disharmony, disrespect, or distrust.  They are eliminated from your consciousness completely.  You can heal yourself on every level.  This Elephant person knows how to create a healing atmosphere.  With this person the energy peace will surround you.

So what can you say to this Elephant person to get them to open their energy to you?  Tell them that every step of the process counts and you want to take it slow. Tell them that as you start to get filled up with more wonderful high vibe energy you will be able to shift all the areas of your life.  They them you are learning how to express yourself in ever  increasing positive ways.  

That should get their attention.

OK Fires
Have a good day,
Love yourself and the elephant people in your life.
They are anchors so they know how to be steady and stable.
You are meant to fly around and be on the go.  It's a good balance.

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