Thursday, April 16, 2020

Talking To Heaven Mediumship Cards message:Help from the other side to heal our support issues.

Talking to Heaven Mediumship Cards

I've been getting this kind of message a lot lately so maybe this is something being healed in the collective.  We have departed loved ones who have been trying to give us more supportive help but we may be missing the signs because we may have habits where we are too independent, or too much in the suffering shadow martyr where the block as to do with not being able to communicate what we need and suffering in silence, or we need to clear some past shame around when we needed help because we messed up and couldn't clean the mess up on our own.

Or if you're like me you had people in your life who abused you financially.  

All I can say is we have loved ones on the other side who understand what is blocking our blessings or our abundance and if you open up to it you will see the signs that you are receiving spiritual help.

My 5D advice would be to say that we can shift our subconscious block to receiving with simple thoughts like:
"I am ready to move into daily experiences of Divine Support."
"I am ready to move into new beliefs of self esteem and self respect."
"I am ready to move into new daily experiences where I know what I need and what I want."
"I am ready to move into new ways of communicating where I am heard and validated."

The messages on the cards are:
Have Courage To Ask -And Accept-Help
"Asking for help is a sign of strength, as is accepting it as it is offered to you.  Very often when you ask God for help, prayers are answered through other people.  Be sure to accept this assistance, as well as give it to others as you are guided."

"You are a beloved child of God, like everyone else, and you deserve to receive the support that will allow you to focus upon your Divine life purpose.  Even if you can't yet recognize your lovable qualities, trust that God and the angels can see how amazing you truly are."

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Oracle Message: Seek

The Spirit Messages Daily Guidance Oracle Deck
Created by John Holland

Sometimes what we are looking for isn't of this world and it isn't in this world.

However the law of one, a spiritual law, tells is that we are connected to that which we are looking for.

So I suspect you're tired of looking for this "thing" right? Intuitively I'm getting that maybe it's time to take a break.  Take a time out.  Stop trying to find what your looking for and let the Universe do the work of letting it find you.

Become magnetic to it and let it be drawn into you.

Jackie's Life: I moved out of my apartment by myself and I feel like a BOSS.

Angel Answers by Radleigh Valentine

*This post may contain bad language.  If you can't handle it then go f@@@ yourself.

I started my move at the beginning of the corona virus pandemic, the kids had just found out that they weren't going back to school, and it was raining.  Because of the stay-at-home orders I wasn't able to ask for help from friends, mostly because I didn't want anyone to take a chance on getting sick while helping me.  

So I moved my kids out first into my mom's house and since she has deep untreated issues I literally had to go back to the house three times a day to make the kids meals and get them situated.  And then distance learning happened and that was a clusterf---.  It still is to be honest.  And for some reason all the kids and my mom developed some sort of separation anxiety whenever I went to the apartment to pack.  I had to move furniture out in the rain down the stairs by myself and Good Will was closed so it was like, "Ugh! Where do I take these things that I am not taking with me?"

But you know what mother fu---rs?
I was assertive.  I didn't sit on my a## and bitch and complain.
It was up to me to get this sh## done and I did.
It took like three weeks but I moved the last of the furniture out by myself today and tomorrow I am calling the junk trunk to come and haul the Good Will stuff away.
And I'm not going to worry about the cost and all the bullsh@@ that this whole experience was.

So yes the angel cards were right. They validated that I can do it.
And if I can do this then you can do the thing that has you thinking that you're a victim.  You're not a victim.  You're a boss. Act like it.
Earth isn't for the weak.  Don't be a pansy ass when the world needs you to be strong right now.  Do it for yourself.

#BadBitches  #BadAsses  

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Dear Lightwokers, I'm offering free one card email readings to help us focus on the positive.

Messages From The Guides Transformation Cards

Sometimes a person needs a boost of positive energy. Divine Stranger kindness.  If you feel like you need a boost of positive energy then you'll be glad to know that I offer free one card oracle readings.  You can fill out the contact form and let me know the core of the situation.  Or you can go to my webstore and fill out an order for there.  

Stay In The Light,
Jackie G