Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Lightworker Love Confessional: Stopping the back and forth once and for all.

The Romance Angels Oracle Cards

OK so I can sum this up in like two sentences:  You know someone who makes you feel like they are the one and all you can see are the red flags, the reasons why this can't be The One.

What are some reasons they can't be the one even though you know deep inside they make you believe in love:
1.  They don't seem to want to talk to you even though all you want to do is listen to them talk to you.
2.  They're in love with other people because they already found someone that they say is their one.
3.  You're too high vibe living in your vortex and they are living in the 3D talking spiritual talk to you like they are almost ready to step up into some 4D consciousness.  Meanwhile you don't even entertain celestial guides that are below a 7D frequency.
4.  You're goal is to create a new system in this world and all they want to do is to ONLY  deal with what is happening right now in front of them.
5.  You keep telling yourself it can't work, even as you know all your magnetic attraction is dialed to them, and they continue to never magnetically gravitate to your life....but they are great at talking to everyone else in the world.
6.  You just keep telling yourself it can't work, so you continually break off all contact, communication, and trying because you just know that true love doesn't feel this stressful and difficult and you haven't even done anything yet.
7.  You keep telling yourself it can't work because they clearly don't even notice you or remember who you are...or anything.  They don't try.
8.  You keep telling yourself it isn't real what you feel.

Maybe we should just do the opposite of this to shake it off?
I think rather then deny that our feelings are there we should just acknowledge them.  We should sit down the part of us that is like "OMG this is True Love! Don't let go." and the other part who is like, "This is Fake Love.  We need to Let Go."

And lets tell these two parts, "Working against each other is breaking this heart.  What would working together look like?"
And the one that believes it's love could be like, "I know that love is real and every time I think it's real that other part decides it never can be real.  It never lets me be right for once."
And the one who is seeing all the red flags says, "I'm just trying to keep us from wasting all our time and energy on some dead end street of a person.  I believe in love too but I don't want to spend our time and energy throwing good love after bad people who clearly don't care."

And our heart is like, "OK so we all believe in love and if we work together you both can prove that love is real and fake love or false love isn't the kind of real love we are wanting to hang onto.

So these two cards are saying: We're not saying this is the one you've been waiting for BUT we're also not saying this isn't the one.  What we are saying is (Codependency Card came up for clarification) that you are having a hard time knowing what to do about these feelings because on a subconscious level this person is reminding you of one of your parent figures, that is where the push/pull is coming in.  This person is triggering some subconscious response and your new healed consciousness is saying, "No we don't want love like that anymore.  Where we have to do all the work, or where love means we have to give up who we are for them to be happy, or other issues like that."

Since this person gives you such a strong subconscious trigger what I would say (as a light coach) is that you need to spend time not projecting your issues onto this person.  If you really want to know if they should be a love in your life then put the wounds and the ego aside and get to know this person for him or herself.  Take the time to get to know them, who they are, and what they are about. Try and figure out what about them reminds your subconscious of your mom or dad.  It's possible this person can be the one who unknowingly helps you break a pattern when it comes to love so that you can begin to truly attract real love.

Thank You!

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