Butterfly Power: Making a small change into a lightstyle shift.

I tried going for a walk today around a lake and there were so many baby strollers, toddlers who took up the whole double sidewalk just with their one foot tall selves, and people with dogs that I ended up quitting the walk about 5 minutes in.  I went across the street and walked back home and I happened to catch this little gem along the way.  Hope you enjoy the little video.

The Secret Language Of Animals Oracle Cards

The butterfly is a symbol of our soul transforming.  It's a sign that we are becoming who we really are.  Every journey, or process, has phases and we should make note of what part of the cycle are we in.  Are you at the beginning, the middle, the end, or the rebirth?

This also can be a sign that your challenge is changing you from the inside out.  It may feel like you are dying but you are turning into someone new.  Like when you lose 50 pounds.  You become more confident.  No one can take that success away from you.  It's something you earned because of your willpower and concentration.

The red flag that this card addresses is that sometimes we can get stuck in a phase.  Like the "honeymoon phase" of a relationships and we leave when it becomes work, predictable, and too familiar.  Sometimes we love to start things and never finish.  An example would be buying books and never really reading them.  

Butterfly can bring quantum change by helping us identify which part of the cycle we have trouble finishing.  For a lot of people its about starting a new habit and then turning that habit into a lifestyle.  Something as simple as introducing a new small habitual change in your daily routine can help you create a lifestyle shift.

For me, I'm shifting into the frequency of a Source Made, self made multi-millionaire who changes the world with her time and attention.  Maybe for me, I could start posting everyday.  I could challenge myself to a 21 day writing process where I post once a day.  It wouldn't hurt to try.  :)

Try with me!
Create your own 21 day challenge and see what happens.
Thank you Butterfly Spirit!


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