1/1/20 Chakra Reading Cards: Rebirth And Balance

Chakra Reading Cards 

Happy New Year!
2020 is going to be so great.

OK do we have here?
Blend earth star chakra energy with root chakra energy and you get a vibrational shift where you leave more of the past in the past because you understand that you can create a different kind of future which will create a different lifestyle.

On a basic level this is the sudden realization of how to take baby steps towards a new daily habit that will energetically open other kinds of opportunities in the future.  

The earth star chakra is about creating Heaven on Earth kinds of situations.  For example, in my version of what Heaven on Earth is everyone is a vegetarian.  Animals are treated as the sources of unconditional love and service that they are capable of being.  In my personal daily life I can start looking for one or two ways to step up how I help the animal kingdom.  Maybe I decide to start donating supplies to a local non-profit for animals.  Maybe I start a reiki healing group where we send reiki to all the animals in the world once a week.  By doing something like this I can unlock more doors of opportunities in the future.  Opportunities that are able to move me into a greater position to expand my ways to create long lasting assistance to right relationship in this world.

Have fun letting your soul self give you some Divine Ideas about what you can do right now today to begin to shift into more grounded and easily created daily experiences of Heaven on Earth for you.

Affirm that you do know what you need to know.
Affirm that you can create the change that change the world.


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