1/11/20 Earth Signs Lightworker Oracle Card: Family Of Light

Lightworker Oracle Deck by Alana Fairchild

Invocation for this card (from the booklet):

"I choose, of my own free will, to receive all assistance from unconditional love so I can peacefully process any unresolved hurt, rejection, abandonment, judgement, or betrayal.  I have learned how to love more unconditionally through my experiences.  I have learned that love allows all beings to freely choose how they wish to live.  I wish to live with openness, love and connection, in spirit and in the flesh, with those who can accept my love and love me too.  Through Divine Grace, I ask for assistance in attracting my soul tribe and family of light, heavenly and human, that I may experience belonging and conscious community, sharing my light and love with others.  Through unconditional love, may all beings feel the blessings of true family, of deep abiding Divine Love.
So be it."

You are meant to belong to a family of light.

Happy 1/11


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