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10/18 Daily Zodiac Sign Tarot Read using Fairy Tarot Cards by Radleigh Valentine

Earth Signs: If you really identify with the Cinderella archetype then your time to get ready for the ball is coming up.  Unexpected help or support with something that means a lot to you comes in, yay!  You've got "magical moment" energy in your vibration.  Now is a good time to focus on what it is that you desire.  Vision Board kind of activities. As far as money goes this is a good sign of an increase in windfalls. Get that money Girl! Air Signs: More money, more money, more money.  Have fun spending it on things that will further your side business or increase ways to bring in self care services. Maybe buying a leadership course to brush up on communication, motivation, inspiration, and selling the goods.   This means you CAN be the one who inspires and uplifts.  As a parent figure this energy shows the kids that "we" believe you can be anything you want to be.  This king energy shows that we can share the spotlight and include s

10/16 Water Sign Oracle Card Message: Connect With Your Emotions

Angels and Ancestors Oracle Cards Take time to understand how you really feel.  Your empathic abilities and sensitivity is a blessing.  Think of water angels as emotional body angels that help you to be in emotional flow. I'm getting the feeling that your celestial guides may be leading you to someone who is very skilled with helping you move through whatever the emotional block may be.  Having emotional support is different then being strong for yourself and dealing with life pressures by yourself in a "self-help" sort of way.  You have a right to feel what you feel, you have a right to think your own thoughts and have your own beliefs.  You also have a right to be around people who can be emotionally and mentally strong for you so that you can have the space to sort out what is going on inside.  That's why I have a life coach! On a sidenote I would look out for "water manifesting" techniques such as the Two Cup Method ( Click here for

10/16 Daily Earth Signs Oracle Message:Embrace The Energy Of Peace

Angel and Ancestors Oracle Cards Earth Signs! Let your guard down because a reconciliation is coming towards you.  The Broken Arrow is a symbol of ending a fight and are now focusing on peace contracts.  This may mean that someone isn't mad anymore, or people are moving on from their hurt feelings, maybe the people in the situation are ready to talk. Arguments are ending and disagreements are ready to be resolved. This card is also a sign that you have strong spiritual protection around you and strong warrior angels that are guiding you on how to stand your ground in a wise way. Peace!

Wise Tea: Be compassionate to yourself!

Drinking Green Tea today. Stay hydrated.