4/4/19 Keepers of the Light Card Message for Earth Signs: Sort Out Your True Feelings

Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards
Angel Prayers Oracle Cards

"Thank you Angels, today I choose to trust my intuition and your guidance!

Thank you Haniel for supporting me as I honor my emotions.

Be mindful of the planet.
Come back to Earth. Stay grounded."

What I see when I look at these is:
You are feeling a lot and you need to sort it out.  You've got two ascended master guides bringing heart chakra healing so that you can get out of your head and get back into your body.  Gaia is bringing practical advice of going for walks, getting out in nature, taking on a garden project, bringing more water and organic foods into your daily diet.  She wants you to pay attention to your body and treat it gently and compassionately.

Haniel is coming in with emotional energy healing like crystals, flower essences, tarot readings, reiki healings, prayers and affirmations, and possibly herbs and vitamins.  You can only honor your feelings when your energy is clear, possibly with sage, and you have a strong sense of psychic protection.  The reason is that you can only know what you feel when you have separated other peoples energy out of your own.

You seem to be receiving intuitive guidance and it is partially coming through your body and I think that is why Gaia is stepping in to help you release your pent up emotions from your physical vibration.  You will trust yourself more if you know that your feelings are truly your own, coming from your Soul, and not your ego self or someone else's ego self.

Love Light Peace,
Jackie G


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