3/20/19 Oracle Card Message for Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): Affirm That Change Is Good

Oracle of the Shapeshifters, Messages from The Guides Oracle Cards

  OK you're changing and it's causing problems for the people that you are outgrowing.  The Beauty card shows that you may literally have to give something back like a ring or a friendship bracelet or close a joint account that linked you to someone.  By removing the symbols of attachment you can clear the toxic energy that has been building within the relationship or connection.

The other card shows that just like a butterfly changes into things that are unrecognizable to the previous cycle, you are becoming unrecognizable to some of the people around you.  The ones who can grow with you will support the changes.  The ones who can't get on board will probably cut ties and leave.

Think of someone who was obese but then has the surgery and loses all the weight.  The old friends who enabled the old weight would be uncomfortable around the new friends who support the healthier lifestyle.  

What your guides want you to remember is that your thoughts can help you during this time of transition and possibly low key drama.  Affirm that your new vibration brings in new love, light, and peace in new forms that are perfect for your life.  

Keep affirming that you are perfect, whole, and complete.

Love Light Peace,
Jackie G


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