3/19/18 Oracle Card Message for Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sag): Don't force it because it comes from Source not you.

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You're learning how to use what you have for the greater good of all. The Rainmaker comes when the earth needs water and when the water comes the fields can grow more food and everyone, even the animals and plants, benefit from the healing work of this person.

Everything here is saying that when you bring yourself into a state of Divine Neutrality you will see your manifestations accelerate into physical form.  So basically you may have been tested from the Universe by having to help someone by using your Rainmaker Powers for someone who isn't really worth it or deserving of it.

So we need to remember as Rainmakers that the source of manifestation flows through us from the Source of All Creation and rain falls on the good and the bad.  

What I do see is that if you have been trying to not judge, you're not trying to pass judgement, and your genuinely trying to just do the thing and move on with your day....if your manifestation power has dried up with regards to helping someone then look at it like Source is choosing to not help that person anymore through you.  In that case you can let them know that you are tapped out and they should move on to someone else who can help them with what they need.

Love Light and Peace,
Jackie G


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