3/18/19 Oracle Card Message for Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): Be More In Your 3D World.

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OK so basically you have to remember that humility allows us to admit that we don't know everything even though most of the time we do know everything.  You have an ability to know how something is going to go from beginning to end but even though you know everything you still have to go through it in real life, not in your mind.  So this is about being more in your body and having actual physical experiences.

I feel for some this means that you are learning how to take everything that you experience on the mental level and actually drop it down into the physical 3D world.  The guidance is to do more earthy things like literally join groups that meet in person, be more in your body.  If your body is giving you problems that spend more time blessing your physical self and affirming that you are a temple for God to energetically reside in.  Spend time enjoying the planet and getting reconnected with the animal kingdoms.

Love Light And Peace,
Jackie G


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