Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards Message for Aries: ODIN and Psychic Sight

I pulled three clarifying cards so lets jump into it:

Odin comes to you as a spiritual guide to bring the energy of willing sacrifice made without resentment, guilt, or judgement.  Odin was willing to do impossible things and come out of his comfort zone because he was able to see that sometimes the pain (or burden) is worth it in the end.  Even though he has one eye his brow chakra was fully opened, awakened, and enlightened so he could see with his soul vision.

This card is saying that you may be having to make some kind of decision and your options come down to "How much do I really want to give?  How much do I really want to struggle in order to break through to the next level?"  

So this is like when you finally meet someone who could be life partner potential but you're sitting there like, "Yeah but being alone is easier and I only have to put up with my own billsh++ when I'm alone."  This is about facing yourself and seeing if you really want to do the work.  

Your clarifying cards are saying that you need to spend some time thinking about the results that you want.  If you want to weigh a certain weight then Odin would be like, "OK what's the diet plan?" I really do see that you are ready and willing to do what needs to be done in order to break through to the next three levels.  You have Archangel Michael coming in with protection, courage, motivation, and psychic protection.  I feel like you're breaking out of another layer of mass consciousness victim consciousness.  I feel like you're not looking at the cons, even though you are aware of them, you are looking at what there is to gain right now and how to push through.  I feel like your intuition, divination powers, manifestation powers, all your lightworker talents take on a laser-like quality.

You want the prize Aries.
I see you doing whatever it takes.

Good for you Aries. Take your power and rise.


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