Crystal Reading Cards Message for Lightworker Sagittarius: Soul Connection Crystal, Red Jasper, and a healing connection.

Crystal Reading Cards

This quartz brings a soul mate.  This is someone who mirrors you perfectly and that is why the two of you can read each other so clearly.  Whoever this person is brings love, this is a part life bond, this is someone from your soul tribe, so even if they don't come into your life as a "romantic partner" just their presence activates LOVE and LIGHT.  You both heal each other.  Even if you don't even talk to each other.  Like you're highly aware of each other.

Red Jasper brings in the energy if healthy boundaries so I feel like the both of you have a problem with losing yourself in situations or relationships and so you don't feel comfortable with being energetically connected to anything.  You like space in your connections.  

Like you both love from a distance.  So the thing is that you are connected and you can't unconnect.  So this person is teaching you how to be comfortable with being truly attached to someone.  If this person is not your romantic partner then the lesson still applies.  It's like you need to learn how to positively attach to the people that you do love in your physical life in order to level up spiritually.

I feel like it would relax your spirit if you just went ahead and let yourself love this person because the truth is the love is already there.  


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