Crystal Reading Cards Message for Lightworker Pisces: Ancient Wisdom Crystal, Black Tourmaline, and Protection

Crystal Reading Cards

The Ancient Wisdom Crystal is showing up because you need to wake up Pisces.  I'm not saying that you are being protected from a reality check upside your head but you're being shielded from it so that it doesn't shock you as much as it possibly could.

I'm annoyed so I think that must mean that you have been tuning out the spirit guide messages and you've been relying too much on the angels, saints, and buddhas to move all the blocks out of the way.  So something is going to happen that wakes you up and jolts you.  I hope you get that message.

You need to be thinking about your life purpose, why you were born, taking responsibility for your own life, coming up with your own Master plan.  

It's been time for you to ask yourself the big questions about what you are doing, or not doing, and why.  Yes you are protected however you need to pick up the pace with your lightworker mission.

It starts with getting your health on track.  Go for walks.  Get outside and breathe the fresh air and look at the tress.  I feel like you are looking around and being like, "How did this room get so messy?  When did the laundry get so high?  Why didn't I put these clothes away so that I would have clothes to wear?  Why am I slipping into a state of neglect?"

Be grateful for the people who got you.
I feel like you're coming out of auto-pilot.

Black Tourmaline is trying to get you grounded, rooted, present, and re-connected.


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