Crystal Reading Cards Message for Lightworker Scorpio: Tanzanite, Tiger Eye, and Clear Courage

Crystal Reading Cards

Tanzanite is coming with the violet flame straight to your brow chakra.  I almost feel like you're so wanting to be diamond crystal clear that you're kind of missing some very obvious signs or clues.  For example, if you are wondering about how someone feels about you then you are like, "OK just tell me the black and white truth Universe.  I should drop these people shouldn't I?"  And it's like the Universe isn't going to tell you to abandon people and ghost people, you know?  The Universe is going tell you to work on forgiveness, acceptance, self love, wisdom, patience, being your true self, finding out how to increase your self love, stuff like that.  But you're like, "I should cut ties with everyone and everything, right?"

Hold on while I take a deep breath and sigh to myself.

OK and then we have Tiger's Eye coming in and trying to give you some real courage now to actually see what is there as it is.  I feel like Tiger's Eye is trying to integrate your rational mind with your intuition.  

Your clarifying cards show that you need to realize that your mind and heart really are clear.  However your heart still tries to self-protect with the defense of "They don't really love me.  They don't really see me.  They don't really know me.  I'll always be alone."

Tiger's Eye helps us to identify how to re-create our boundaries in a healthier way where we can interact with people without losing ourselves in the connection.  I feel like telling you that you aren't going to lose yourself anymore so go ahead and see it clearly that you are loved, you are seen, and you are celebrated.


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