Crystal Reading Cards Message for Lightworker Libra: Kyanite Blue, Ancient Wisdom Crystal, and Letting Go

Crystal Reading Cards

Kyanite Blue is all about clearing blocks so that the power can flow like plugging in a wire and getting power.  Blue tells me that we are clearing out energy blocks to our inner peace.  It also tells me that we are sorting out our thoughts before we actually communicate anything.  I feel like the letting go is about choosing to just out yourself out there in some way so that you are visible.  For example, using bold fashion jewelry to stand out or using a bright shade of lipstick.  Hey, sometimes you have to put on your red boots to remind yourself who you are.  You're letting go of playing small.

I feel like the Ancient Wisdom Crystal is telling you that you are in the process of some kind of deep subconscious energy download and it's going to take time for this light code to integrate into your conscious vibration and your physical life and that may be why you feel like you need to shake off this invisible feeling that you have.

Your clarification cards show that the healing, or download, is centering around your inner child issues and emotional healing.  You're in a process of energetic empowerment and when it is done grounding I feel like you will intuitively make changes to your identity.  Like a quiet confidence is building up inside of you and in your own way you start letting go of habits that weren't moving you forward in your growth.  It's a spiritual acceleration and so you may have to be patient while this new light code activation integrates into your energy fields.

I hope this has helped you Libra.


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