Thursday, December 6, 2018

Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards Message for Aries: ODIN and Psychic Sight

I pulled three clarifying cards so lets jump into it:

Odin comes to you as a spiritual guide to bring the energy of willing sacrifice made without resentment, guilt, or judgement.  Odin was willing to do impossible things and come out of his comfort zone because he was able to see that sometimes the pain (or burden) is worth it in the end.  Even though he has one eye his brow chakra was fully opened, awakened, and enlightened so he could see with his soul vision.

This card is saying that you may be having to make some kind of decision and your options come down to "How much do I really want to give?  How much do I really want to struggle in order to break through to the next level?"  

So this is like when you finally meet someone who could be life partner potential but you're sitting there like, "Yeah but being alone is easier and I only have to put up with my own billsh++ when I'm alone."  This is about facing yourself and seeing if you really want to do the work.  

Your clarifying cards are saying that you need to spend some time thinking about the results that you want.  If you want to weigh a certain weight then Odin would be like, "OK what's the diet plan?" I really do see that you are ready and willing to do what needs to be done in order to break through to the next three levels.  You have Archangel Michael coming in with protection, courage, motivation, and psychic protection.  I feel like you're breaking out of another layer of mass consciousness victim consciousness.  I feel like you're not looking at the cons, even though you are aware of them, you are looking at what there is to gain right now and how to push through.  I feel like your intuition, divination powers, manifestation powers, all your lightworker talents take on a laser-like quality.

You want the prize Aries.
I see you doing whatever it takes.

Good for you Aries. Take your power and rise.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Crystal Reading Cards Message for Lightworker Pisces: Ancient Wisdom Crystal, Black Tourmaline, and Protection

Crystal Reading Cards

The Ancient Wisdom Crystal is showing up because you need to wake up Pisces.  I'm not saying that you are being protected from a reality check upside your head but you're being shielded from it so that it doesn't shock you as much as it possibly could.

I'm annoyed so I think that must mean that you have been tuning out the spirit guide messages and you've been relying too much on the angels, saints, and buddhas to move all the blocks out of the way.  So something is going to happen that wakes you up and jolts you.  I hope you get that message.

You need to be thinking about your life purpose, why you were born, taking responsibility for your own life, coming up with your own Master plan.  

It's been time for you to ask yourself the big questions about what you are doing, or not doing, and why.  Yes you are protected however you need to pick up the pace with your lightworker mission.

It starts with getting your health on track.  Go for walks.  Get outside and breathe the fresh air and look at the tress.  I feel like you are looking around and being like, "How did this room get so messy?  When did the laundry get so high?  Why didn't I put these clothes away so that I would have clothes to wear?  Why am I slipping into a state of neglect?"

Be grateful for the people who got you.
I feel like you're coming out of auto-pilot.

Black Tourmaline is trying to get you grounded, rooted, present, and re-connected.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Crystal Reading Cards Message for Lightworker Aquarius: Divine Temple, Rose Quartz, and Source

Crystal Reading Cards

The Divine Temple crystal restores the power back to your Inner Child self.  A lifelong wound heals and you're shocked because you never thought it would happen.  A connection that you have been wishing for or fighting for becomes established so I see your walls coming down AND the other people involved lower their guard as well.

There was a disconnect and it has been draining for you.  It's been very hard on you to have lost this connection.  The connection was lost because you have had to learn to either come out and be public about what and who you are.  The more you learn how to let yourself be seen for who you are and choose to drop the masks and take the guards down the more the connection comes back.

It won't happen all at once.  More like each month a deeper layer gets released.  You are a very spiritually awakened person and it heals others to watch you grow.  It's like you are being watched by your audience and they know you because you bare your soul but you don't know who they are.

The more crystal clear you become the more your energy becomes amplified, magnified, magnetic, and pure essence.  Your channeling skills grow as well.  You know that you are a "teacher" but you need to stop acting like a "student" even though you respect that one cannot be a teacher without a student.

Like Madonna taught us in the 90's:
Express Yourself.

Crystal Reading Cards Message for Lightworker Capricorn: Herkimer Diamond, Calcite, and Dreamtime Manifestation

Crystal Reading Cards

OK so the first things that jump out to me are:
You are manifesting when you are laying in bed dwelling on whatever you are dwelling on.
Your manifestations are happening faster then normal because of the fact that you have been lightworking in such a relaxed state lately.
I feel like insomnia has happened because you cannot turn off your brain or you are really obsessing over someone or something.
Make sure you focus on the solutions not the problems.

I feel you are also doing a lot of subconscious healing during your sleep so that may be bringing on lucid dreaming, nightmares, or just very weird vivid dreams.

Calcite comes in to bring relaxation to all of your over stimulation so that you can get some deep rest.  I feel that you are in an accelerated light activation and that is why you are needing more energetic relaxation, calmness, peace, and serenity.

You want to take action with someone or something however you only want to take action IF you know for sure that a certain outcome will happen.  Like you're not trying to be taking risks, going out on a limb, wearing your heart on your sleeve, or being completely transparent unless you know there is a point to being that way.  You're not trying to be someone else's ego boost.

I see you not realizing that you have been co-creating your inner most desires because you've been lightworking at night instead of sleeping so whatever manifests takes you by surprise when "it" grounds and takes form in your life.  Focus on the Divine Solution not the problem and you will experience relaxation when your Divine Solution manifests.

Crystal Reading Cards Message for Lightworker Sagittarius: Soul Connection Crystal, Red Jasper, and a healing connection.

Crystal Reading Cards

This quartz brings a soul mate.  This is someone who mirrors you perfectly and that is why the two of you can read each other so clearly.  Whoever this person is brings love, this is a part life bond, this is someone from your soul tribe, so even if they don't come into your life as a "romantic partner" just their presence activates LOVE and LIGHT.  You both heal each other.  Even if you don't even talk to each other.  Like you're highly aware of each other.

Red Jasper brings in the energy if healthy boundaries so I feel like the both of you have a problem with losing yourself in situations or relationships and so you don't feel comfortable with being energetically connected to anything.  You like space in your connections.  

Like you both love from a distance.  So the thing is that you are connected and you can't unconnect.  So this person is teaching you how to be comfortable with being truly attached to someone.  If this person is not your romantic partner then the lesson still applies.  It's like you need to learn how to positively attach to the people that you do love in your physical life in order to level up spiritually.

I feel like it would relax your spirit if you just went ahead and let yourself love this person because the truth is the love is already there.  

Crystal Reading Cards Message for Lightworker Scorpio: Tanzanite, Tiger Eye, and Clear Courage

Crystal Reading Cards

Tanzanite is coming with the violet flame straight to your brow chakra.  I almost feel like you're so wanting to be diamond crystal clear that you're kind of missing some very obvious signs or clues.  For example, if you are wondering about how someone feels about you then you are like, "OK just tell me the black and white truth Universe.  I should drop these people shouldn't I?"  And it's like the Universe isn't going to tell you to abandon people and ghost people, you know?  The Universe is going tell you to work on forgiveness, acceptance, self love, wisdom, patience, being your true self, finding out how to increase your self love, stuff like that.  But you're like, "I should cut ties with everyone and everything, right?"

Hold on while I take a deep breath and sigh to myself.

OK and then we have Tiger's Eye coming in and trying to give you some real courage now to actually see what is there as it is.  I feel like Tiger's Eye is trying to integrate your rational mind with your intuition.  

Your clarifying cards show that you need to realize that your mind and heart really are clear.  However your heart still tries to self-protect with the defense of "They don't really love me.  They don't really see me.  They don't really know me.  I'll always be alone."

Tiger's Eye helps us to identify how to re-create our boundaries in a healthier way where we can interact with people without losing ourselves in the connection.  I feel like telling you that you aren't going to lose yourself anymore so go ahead and see it clearly that you are loved, you are seen, and you are celebrated.

Crystal Reading Cards Message for Lightworker Libra: Kyanite Blue, Ancient Wisdom Crystal, and Letting Go

Crystal Reading Cards

Kyanite Blue is all about clearing blocks so that the power can flow like plugging in a wire and getting power.  Blue tells me that we are clearing out energy blocks to our inner peace.  It also tells me that we are sorting out our thoughts before we actually communicate anything.  I feel like the letting go is about choosing to just out yourself out there in some way so that you are visible.  For example, using bold fashion jewelry to stand out or using a bright shade of lipstick.  Hey, sometimes you have to put on your red boots to remind yourself who you are.  You're letting go of playing small.

I feel like the Ancient Wisdom Crystal is telling you that you are in the process of some kind of deep subconscious energy download and it's going to take time for this light code to integrate into your conscious vibration and your physical life and that may be why you feel like you need to shake off this invisible feeling that you have.

Your clarification cards show that the healing, or download, is centering around your inner child issues and emotional healing.  You're in a process of energetic empowerment and when it is done grounding I feel like you will intuitively make changes to your identity.  Like a quiet confidence is building up inside of you and in your own way you start letting go of habits that weren't moving you forward in your growth.  It's a spiritual acceleration and so you may have to be patient while this new light code activation integrates into your energy fields.

I hope this has helped you Libra.