The Faeries Oracle: The Energy Of Paradox and Balance

 The Faeries' Oracle by Brian Froud and Jessica Macbeth

THE POOK is about the energy of paradox.  When something is good The Pook causes you to see the little bit of bad in the situation.  The selfish intention or the manipulation that is woven into the good of the situation.  Like when your kid asks you for some money and you get the feeling they aren't going to use it for what they are asking for.  Also The Pook can help us see the good bits within a bad (or annoying) situation.  

For example, my dad needed help and my mother never wants to help him so I helped him.  As I was sitting there in the car waiting for him to come out I had a Pook thought that "Now I can spend 15 minutes with him, help him out, but basically spend a handful of minutes with him."  So even though I felt that it was lazy of my mom to totally not want to help him I was able to see the silver lining.  I was able to see that because my mother is selfish I was able to have an unexpected opportunity to be close to my dad.

The card played out about 15 minutes after I pulled it so it "talks to you" quite clearly.  It reads energy that is in the air of your day and I really like that.

The thing I realized was that this card really helps us to remember that life is like salt and pepper mixed together.  The good and the bad are in some kind of union even if they don't resonate.  If something is imbalanced so that you can only see the good then this card reminds us not to be surprised when the hidden "lower vibrations" come to light.   But nothing can be all bad either because there are so many silver linings that are easy to miss if you are only looking at what is wrong.

To me this card is about a greater balance.  No one is all good or all bad.  Nothing is all good or all bad.  It's a mix and we are more grounded when we see the mix.


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